Requesting Students' Records

Requesting a copy of records

Students may request a copy of their disability documentation by completing a Release of Information Authorization Form.

Releasing student’s information to a third party

Signed authorizations are required to release student's information to a third party. This includes parents or other family members, a college or university the individual is transferring to, and vocational rehabilitation services. 

Students are required to complete a Release of Information Authorization Form

Releasing information without authorization

On occasion, third parties, such as courts of law and civil rights investigators, may legally order the Office for Disability Equity to release information with or without a signed authorization from the student.

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we may release information to University faculty and staff when a "need to know" some or all of that information has been established by us. The need to know must be based on compelling and legitimate educational reasons for the information disclosure. On occasion, internal auditing and monitoring of student information may occur, but only under the strictest confidentiality protections.