COVID-related concerns

As the University of Montana returns primarily to face-to-face classes, it is anticipated that most students will be attending classes in person.

We provide the following guidelines to students who require a COVID-related accommodation to attend in-person courses safely:

  • Contact the Office of Disability Equity (ODE).
  • ODE will work with the student and the academic advisor to find online or blended classes. 
  • If online or blended classes are not options, ODE will work with the academic advisor on alternative options. The academic advisor will then contact the instructor or the designated party on what options can be possible concerning in-person attendance.
  • The academic advisor will contact ODE with the outcome.

We realize that requesting instructors to change their in-person instruction to remote instruction for the student may not be possible. In cases when attending remotely would cause a fundamental alteration or undue hardship to the course, denying the student’s request is reasonable. 

For faculty, we suggest the following instructional strategies to address concerns regarding in-person attendance:

  • Offer online exams and outside-class assignment activities to minimize being in the classroom
  • Offer group work that can occur in any location
  • Implement flexible attendance policies
  • Record in-person lectures and upload to Moodle or a similar platform when possible