UM's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

UM's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

Strategy 1.1.2 (Annual Assessments)

Conduct annual assessments to identify areas for improvement and to inform Student Success retention plan; ensure data is disaggregated to allow for a deeper understanding of differences in outcomes for minoritized students.

Owners/Accountable Party

  • Vice Provost for Student Success
  • Associate Vice Provost for Student Success


Near-term Actions

  • Inventory annual assessments already taking place and determine how to use the data to form a holistic Student Success assessment and retention plan; identify assessments that are not useful and/or missing.
    • Annual review of relevant EAB Navigate data
    • Annual Student Basic Needs Assessment
    • Annual Student Climate Survey administered by Student Success (need to revise survey)
    • Annual Climate Survey administered every three years by SARC
    • Montana 10 survey (each semester)
    • Office of Disability Equity survey (each semester)
    • UM Housing survey
    • Campus Pride Index, a national benchmarking tool
    • Students with dependents
  • Revise and relaunch the Annual Student Climate Survey administered by Student Success, consulting with content and survey-design experts on campus
  • Launch EAB Navigate’s risk profile metrics
  • Track retention and graduation rates, by particular populations
  • Review BIPOC student Enrollment in high DFW course after priority Enact outreach based on risk metric provided by Navigate and offer to faculty high DFW course workshops on pedagogical approaches.
  • Track BIPOC student enrollment in 15 or more credits per semester. Conduct post priority registration course load audit each semester and communicate to students with fewer than 15 total registered
  • Assess proportional utilization of study jam, writing/public speaking center, and other tutoring services, and develop outreach that uses asset-based language that focuses on students’ strengths, not their deficits

Future Actions

Completed and Ongoing Actions

  • Launched equity dashboard to track and develop strategies for improving historically underserved student outcomes
  • Administration of regularly occurring assessments across Student Success units