UM's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

UM's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

Strategy 2.2.3 (Research in Tribal Settings)

Provide resources to promote UM research in tribal settings that is equitable, culturally sensitive and subject to tribal review and input as paramount in recognizing tribal sovereignty

Owners/Accountable Party

  • Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship


Near-term Actions

  • Develop, promote, and provide trainings on working with tribal communities when writing grants and doing research
  • Work to enforce adherence to the UM Indigenous Peoples Research Policies and Procedures

Future Actions

  • Develop a database of proposals and projects where UM, faculty, staff, and students are partnering with tribal
  • Ensure research in tribal communities is reviewed and approved by the appropriate IRBs

Completed and Ongoing Actions

  • Established a “Collaborating with Indigenous Peoples” resource through the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship