UM's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

UM's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

Strategy 5.2.2 (Admissions Materials, Marketing, and Social Media)

Accurately describe and depict images of the diversity of the institution in admissions material and in all marketing and media

Owners/Accountable Party

  • Vice President Marketing and Communications


Near-term Actions

  • Develop a representative stock of university photos for use
  • Ensure representation of diverse UM students in recruitment materials
  • Regularly post social media content focused on accomplishments of students and faculty from underrepresented populations, as well as on events that acknowledge and celebrate diversity
  • Actively promote diversity events on campus, virtually, and for the public
  • Develop guidelines for what to keep in mind when developing admissions and marketing materials or social media posts, e., review all materials through a DEI lens
  • Train all campus communicators in using these guidelines
  • Develop marketing materials specifically for prospective Native students

Future Actions

  • Establish a group to provide input to Admissions and our recruitment efforts, to include such leaders as Director of OFFICE OF DISABILITY EQUITY, the Tribal Outreach Specialist, the Director of Inclusive Excellence, the Director of the VETS Office, the Director of the S.E.A Change Initiative, DAC member,
  • Highlight diversity on the UM website’s homepage (implement a standard of at least one diversity story each week)
  • Focus on heterogeneity in groups (e.g., Blackfeet, Crow, Chippewa Cree, and other nations featured) to ensure only one Indigenous perspective does not become central to the UM identity

Completed and Ongoing Actions

  • Native content in Confluence podcast; Native video content on website; non-white students integrated into content