About Us

Formed in 1991, the Diversity Advisory Council at the University of Montana works to improve communication, education and relations among people of various diverse backgrounds. Diversity includes but not limited to, age, ideas and perspectives, disabilities, creed, ethnicity, gender identify, gender expression, veteran status, national origin, race, religious and spiritual beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, and the socioeconomic and geographic composition.

The Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) oversees diversity related awards and grants. It also reviews and makes recommendations about UM policies and procedures that affect diversity issues. In addition, the council creates reports on diversity at UM and works to disseminate news and achievements about the University's diversity-related programs and activities.

Faculty, staff and students each contribute campus representatives to the council. The council meets once a month during the semester. DAC meetings are open to everyone.

Operating Guidelines

Adopted Spring 2012
  1. The DAC membership includes:
    1. Faculty
      1. Five (5) positions to be filled via Faculty Senate nomination
    2. Staff
      1. Two (2) positions to be filled via Staff Senate nomination
    3. Students
      1. Seven (7) positions to be filled from the following student groups:
        1. ADSUM
        2. ASUM
        3. Black Student Union
        4. International Student Association
        5. Kyiyo Native American Student Association
        6. Lambda Alliance
    4. Program/Office Representatives
      1. One staff or faculty member or administrator from each of the following campus units:
        1. American Indian Student Support Services Program
        2. ASUM (non-student)
        3. Intercollegiate Athletics
        4. Missoula College
        5. Dean of Students
        6. Disability Services for Students
        7. Enrollment Services
        8. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Office
        9. Foreign Student and Scholar Services
        10. Human Resource Services
        11. Mansfield Library
        12. Residence Life Office
        13. Ofice of International Programs
        14. TRiO Student Support Services/ TRiO Upward Bound
        15. Undergraduate Advising Center
        16. University Relations
        17. UM Retirees
        18. VETS Office
  2. Council co-chairs, secretary, and treasurer will be elected annually for the next academic year by the whole council each May.
  3. The co-chairs consist of one faculty member and one staff member or administrator. The co-chairs stagger their terms to allow for continuity within the council. Terms are available for renewal for one or two years.
  4. Council member term limits
    1. While the DAC meeting are open to everyone, terms limits allow for greater participation across campus and an increase in diversity
      1. Faculty and Staff Senate members will have two year terms.
      2. Students will have annual terms.
      3. Program/Office Representatives do not have term limits, but are yearly contacted to determine the representative for the following academic year.
  5. Member voting guidelines
    1. Decisions concerning financial or policy issues require a vote of members and other topics require a consensus of the meeting attendees.
    2. Voting is allowed via email, but requires a window of five working days to submit a vote.
    3. Quorum is necessary for all decisions and is reached when at least 12 members are present or have casted a vote via email.