Notetaking service

To request the notetaking service, the students need to receive approval from their Disability Services coordinator. If the coordinator verifies the right to peer-note taking as a reasonable modification, Disability Services will:
  • provide a $30 in UMoney to the volunteer notetaker. 

Summer 2020 Submission Deadline: Friday, August 14

As our physical office is closed, we ask students to email with the following information by Friday, August 14, 2020:

  • Student's name and ID 790#

  • course # (i.e. BIOB 101)

  • notetaker's name
 and their 790#

  • choose one: notetaker is 1) student, or 2) TA

For Fall 2020 Face to face classes

How to arrange a notetaker

  1. Find a qualified classmate to share notes with you. If a search is unsuccessful, ask your instructor for his/her assistance in finding a notetaker by making an announcement in the class. 

    An example of the announcement: "A student is looking for a notetaker in this class. The notetaker will receive $30 in UMoney per semester from Disability Services. Please see me after class for more information."

  2. Email your note taker's information to Disability Services by the deadline.