Disability Services treats students' information with strictest confidentiality. Documentation of the student’s disability is kept confidential and is not a part of the student’s official academic records.  

The specifics of the student’s disability will only be released in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or with the student’s expressed written consent.

How students’ records are treated

For each student served, Disability Services creates an electronic file that includes student's disability information. 

The electronic records are kept in two locations:

  • In an internal database - Accommodate- in Disability Services
  • In the University's Banner student record database

For Banner, only those who have been given the security clearance by the Disability Services director may access the password protected Banner record, which only consists of a disability and registration code designed to track enrollment information.

Duration of keeping students' records

Disability Services maintains students’ electronic files for five years after students leave the University of Montana. After that time, Disability Services destroys the file and all its contents. We encourage students to obtain and keep copies of their documentation for future uses. Learn more about requesting your record from Disability Services.