Movin'On in Montana

Nine students posing and viewing the Missoula Valley from The M.

Transition seminar for high school students with disabilities

The 2019 Program on July 9-12, 2019 at the University of Montana in Missoula. 

What is Movin' On in Montana?  

  • It's a free summer program! 
  • Stay on campus for 3 nights in a residence hall and eat in a dining hall. 
  • Take campus tours. 
  • Attend a college lecture and class. 
  • Learn about resources for students. 
  • Practice self-advocacy and communication skills. 
  • Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a college student with a disability. 
  • Participate in fun recreation and community activities. 
  • Career exploration. 
  • Learn about 2-year and 4-year college options in Montana. 
  • Talk to current college students. 

Movin’ on in Montana Club

Movin’ On in Montana Club is a new project working in collaboration with the summer program to create more opportunities for students with disabilities to explore post-secondary education. The club runs from January, 2019 to August, 2019. Eligible students may participate in both the club and the summer program.

What will students do in the Movin’ On in Montana Club?
  • Get to know current University of Montana student mentors
  • Monthly club meetings/activities through face-to-face seminars, video conferencing and a closed social media account
  • Help plan club and summer program activities
  • Develop leadership and advocacy skills
  • Connect with students across Montana

Are you eligible?

Student must be
  • Montana high school sophomores or juniors
  • Graduating seniors with written commitment to attend a post-secondary school in Fall 2019
  • Have a disability, IEP or 504 Plan 

How to apply - Summer Program & Club

Apply online.

Who organizes Movin' On in Montana

Movin" On in Montana is a special project of Pre-Employment Transition Services and is fully funded by the Montana Disability Employment and Transitions program. The Missoula-based Movin’ On in Montana is a collaborative project of University of Montana Disability Services for Students and Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities.


Suzy Bertsche, Movin' On in Montana Coordinator
Phone: 406.243.2664