Montana Safe Schools Podcast Episode 1: Introduction to the Safe Schools Center and Tele-Counseling

Montana Safe Schools Center Podcast Episode 2: Cybersecurity

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The University of Montana Safe Schools Center (MSSC) has been working with educators from around the state on school safety initiatives since 1999. Our goal is to unify statewide school safety education and become a true leader in providing support to schools on school safety and prevention.

Made possible by our STOP School Violence grant, MSSC is currently working on a podcast series focusing on rural school safety issues in Montana. While the intended audience for the podcast is school administrators, teachers, counselors and parents, the content can be applicable for anyone wanting to learn more about school safety issues.

Our first several podcasts will include an introduction around the Montana Safe Schools Center's services, staff, experience and expertise; school safety from the lens of a rural Montana teacher; Montana cybersecurity issues and threats; and a glimpse into what training is like for school personnel around an active shooter.