A school safety tip line is a comprehensive communication system designed to provide students, school personnel, or other members of the public with a safe and anonymous or confidential way to report a threat or potential threat to student or school safety, thereby equipping authorities with the information needed to respond to threats and avert tragedy.

Safer Montana intends to lower school safety threats by giving kids, teens, parents, schools and their communities an effective tool to report potential threats. Reports can be sent via emails, calls, text messages, through our mobile app, and web portal.

All reported tips are analyzed and answered within minutes by proficient communicators that work 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year.

The training for the SAFERMT tip line takes one-hour to complete and would allow your school to start receiving tips within days of completing the required training. The SAFERMT tip line follows all FERPA, HIPPA, federal, state, and local laws.

To register your school please see the SaferMT website.

Please contact Jeff McDonald
t: 406-243-4976 | e: