Film Studies at U.M.

University of Montana students may now earn a B.A. in English with an option in Film Studies. This is an exciting new interdisciplinary program designed for those who wish to obtain a rich liberal arts education while pursuing an interest in film. Students taking this option benefit in a variety of ways:

Our curriculum gives students a solid understanding of the medium of film itself. Our requirements include film history and film theory courses, and students graduate from the program with a good grasp of film conventions, genres, and the theoretical commitments underlying various approaches to filmmaking.

The option is designed to ensure that our students are able to write clearly, think critically, and assess various aspects of both literature and film. They are also required to compare certain classic works of literature to their filmic counterparts.

Students in Film Studies receive a well–balanced liberal arts education through our extensive interdisciplinary offerings. They have the opportunity to take film courses cross–listed with a wide array of disciplines, including Modern and Classical Languages and Literature, Philosophy, Anthropology, Media Arts, Native American Studies, Geography and Chemistry. In learning about film, our students also learn about the diverse cultures and traditions that have informed and continue to enrich the medium.