Your Career-Readiness Program

Focus on the skills you need to succeed

ElevateU, University of Montana’s signature career readiness program, prepares students for a meaningful career and well-lived, joyful life starting from day one. Being career ready means you have the education, skills, and tools needed to launch, carry-on, and pivot your post-graduation career. ElevateU is designed to move students through levels of career readiness and wayfinding; starting with exploring interests, then gaining experiences, embracing opportunities, and elevating to a career.

About the Program

Build your unique brand by exploring careers, completing micro-internships, earning micro-credentials, attending virtual career fairs, and engaging in the community. ElevateU prepares you, from day one at University of Montana to be career ready and tomorrow-proof. ElevateU will set you on a path to discover career fields, build your way forward, design your life and prepare for your first, next, and last career.

Experiential Learning & Career Success can help you:

  • identify and engage in experiential learning opportunities at each right time to build your career readiness foundation and then strategically add to it.
  • participate in and prototype out-of-class experiences that connect your passion to your chosen major/field of study and free you to follow your joy.

Maximize your college experience through participation in programs, services, experiences, and adventures designed to engage, energize, and ElevateU every year!

Level 1: Explore


After completing Level 1 required activities, you will be entered for the chance to win a year-long parking pass!

Required Experiences

  1. Create Handshake and LinkedIn Profiles
  2. Meet with an ELCS Coach or Coordinator

Strongly Suggested Experiences

Connect on Campus

Discover Your Strengths

Explore Majors & Career Paths

Level 2: Experience


After completing Level 2 required experiences, you will be entered for the chance to win $100 in UMoney!

Required Experiences

  1. Attend a career fair
  2. Discuss academic-to-career readiness with an advisor or faculty mentor

Strongly Suggested Experiences

Affirm Your Area of Interest or Study

Participate in Experiential Learning

Grow Your Career Awareness

Level 3: Embrace


After completing Level 3 required experiences, you will be entered for the chance to win $100 to the UM Bookstore!

Required Experiences

  1. Complete an experiential learning activity (internship, volunteer, service learning, research, job, fieldwork, study away/abroad, etc.)
  2. Create or update your résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile

Strongly Suggested Experiences

Commit to Your Academics

  • Research career paths, graduate, or professional school
  • Confirm your graduation degree requirements
  • Create an e-portfolio and/or present research

Nurture Your Future Career Success

Ready Yourself for the Search

Level 4: Elevate


After completing Level 4 required experiences, you will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to the Iron Griz!

Required Experiences

  1. Complete the First Destination Survey
  2. Apply for a job, graduate/professional school, or national service

Strongly Suggested Experiences

Lead with Success

Expand Connections

  • Join professional associations and UM Alumni Association
  • Ask for recommendation letters
  • Confirm professional references

Commence Your Search

  • ­­Finalize your résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile
  • Review your transcript