Experiential Learning and Career Success

Experiential Learning
and Career Success

Asian Studies

Why Asian Studies?

East Asian Studies (The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center)

A degree in East Asian Studies positions UM students to pursue graduate work in East Asian Studies, as well as careers in academia, government, education (middle and senior high school), business, law, and any other disciplines (e.g., in the areas of environmental and climate change) in which Japan, China, Korea, and other East Asian countries are key global players.

Central and Southwest Asian Studies (College of Humanities and Sciences)

The University of Montana has emerged as a national and international leader in recognizing the significance of Central and Southwest Asia, and translating that awareness into a major academic program. The program builds on significant faculty experience and expertise in the region, and includes scholars from a variety of academic disciplines. The center has also organized intensive summer language training programs at UM, as well as summer study tours for K-12 teachers to Central Asia, and also hosts an annual conference that brings leading scholars, diplomats, analysts, and journalists to the UM campus.

Sample Occupations

  • Government Policy Analyst
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Foreign Student Advisor
  • Lawyer
  • International Relations Specialist
  • College Professor
  • Nonprofit Administrator
  • ESL Instructor
  • Archivist

Professional Associations