Experiential Learning and Career Success

Experiential Learning
and Career Success


Why a Degree in Biochemistry?

The B.S. in Biochemistry prepares students for a variety of opportunities, including advanced degrees in biochemistry, medical and veterinary school, and careers in research and development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Students pursuing a career in healthcare may choose the Health Professions Option, which allows a broader choice of electives so students may shape their degree to fit their career goals. Biochemisty majors are introduced to faculty research in the second year seminar course and have the opportunity to pursue independent research with faculty. The major also introduces students to computer science and bioinformatics, essential tools in modern biochemistry.  

Sample Occupations

  • Research Scientist
  • Analytical Biochemist
  • Biotechnologist
  • Physician
  • University Professor
  • Quality Control Analyst
  • Research & Development Associate
  • Medical Scientist
  • Veterinarian

Professional Associations

There are numerous professional associations affiliated with the wide variety of careers available to people who study Biochemistry. See the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook for more information.