Experiential Learning and Career Success

Experiential Learning
and Career Success


Why a Degree in Economics?

Economics is the study of how effectively a society meets its human and material needs. It provides a logical, ordered way of looking at various problems. It draws upon history, philosophy, and mathematics to deal with subjects ranging from how an individual household or business can make sound decisions to societal issues such as unemployment, inflation, and environmental decay. As a result, economics is widely recognized as a solid background for many jobs and professions in business, government, and the law.

The analytical training and quantitative skills obtained makes economics one of the most financially rewarding and flexible undergraduate degrees available. Since most of the skills that people use in their occupations they learn "on the job," employers frequently seek individuals that have the ability to critically analyze and evaluate a variety of complex situations. 

Sample Occupations

  • Policy Analyst
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Budget Analyst
  • Business Forecaster
  • Credit Analyst
  • Research Assistant
  • Legal and Litigation Support
  • Market Analyst
  • Insurance Analyst