Navigating Jobs & Experiential Learning During COVID-19

A global pandemic has certainly made it complicated to navigate the world of jobs and internships as a student. ELCS is here to help! We are still offering Career Coaching and Experiential Learning appointments remotely, see our services and how to make an appointment here.

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FAST Fund at UM

The University Faculty Association (UFA) has received a grant to being a FAST (Faculty and Students Together) Fund at UM. This fund is intended to provide emergency support to UM and Missoula College students. Funding priorities include rent, internet access, food, transportation, health, and child care. The only criteria is that you must be currently enrolled and need emergency assistance. To learn more, visit the UFA website.

Current Interns

We hope your internship has been going well and that you can continue and complete your experience. In response to COVID-19, site supervisors may change work tasks and conditions, so we ask that you speak with them and follow protocol to modify projects and/or working conditions. Please document your work to date and contact your faculty internship supervisor in regard to completion and submission of any related academic assignments. To prepare for an internship site closure, make a list of what you need to take home with you (laptop, notebooks, files, cloud-based platform passwords, etc.). Our goal is to ensure your academic work is fairly recognized and that disruption does not present a disadvantage to your academic progress.

Your health is our primary concern. To mitigate effects of the virus at your internship site, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer, gloves, or masks where needed and follow best practices as established by public health professionals and your site supervisor. We encourage you to remain current on emergency communications from UM and follow all procedures your internship site supervisor sets for you. If you should need anything related to your internship, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Summer 2020 Internships

Will summer internships continue as originally planned?

Employers may make changes to summer internships. Students are encouraged to proactively discuss any changes including a remote, postponed, or canceled internship with the internship host organization and their UM faculty internship advisor. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis as they were for the spring semester.

For June-or-July-start summer internships, students should stay in contact with the host organization to learn of any changes resulting from rebalanced financial, operational, and/or staffing challenges resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.

Any internships must adhere to the latest guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

What should a student do if in-person internship, practicum, volunteer service or field experience hours are required for graduation?

Students are encouraged to discuss conditions for completion of the hours with their departmental chair, advisor, or faculty member ot complete the required hours. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis as they were for the spring semester.

Student Employees

I have a student job. What should I be doing right now?

We encourage you to communicate with your supervisor and identify any duties you might be able to complete remotely. Students working remotely will need to complete a Telecommuting Agreement with their supervisor. 

I am not able to continue my student job remotely. What should I do?

The Financial Aid office is in the process of awarding all students who are eligible for work study but are not currently being paid through work study. This will enable as many students as possible to continue being paid, even if they are unable to work for reasons related to COVID-19. For more information, visit the Financial Aid FAQ page.

If you are not eligible for Work Study, we have compiled a list of opportunities for work during the COVID-19 crisis below.

Work-Study Students

Can I continue my Work Study job?

Work Study students may continue earning Work Study wages through the end of the semester. We encourage you to communicate with your supervisor and identify any duties you might be able to complete remotely. Students working remotely will need to complete a Telecommuting Agreement with their supervisor. 

I am not able to continue working my Work Study job remotely, what can I do?

Work Study students who are unable to continue working their normal duties or whose hours have been reduced due to COVID-19 are eligible to receive payment for the amount of hours they would normally be scheduled to work

See the Financial Aid Office's FAQ page for information about eligibility.

Temporary, Part-time, Remote, & Volunteer Work During COVID-19

If your employment situation has been affected the COVID-19, please view the below resources and opportunities to find part-time, remote, and work-from-home opportunities. We will keep this list updated as we find additional information.

Local paid positions:

  • UM Student Enrollment  is urgently hiring students who have been displaced from their campus jobs due to COVID-19 to work as agents in their Communications Center! View job details and contact information in Handshake, and contact Bill Nevala directly if you are interested in the position.
  • Costco: They are hiring part-time workers. Apply at
  • Walmart: They are hiring. Call: 406-529-2532 (ask for Sophia)
  • Some grocery stores, hardware stores, and pharmacy stores are hiring temporary staff to help stock shelves and help with curbside delivery. Their regular employees may need to care for family members or may become ill themselves. Please check with your local stores.
  • Third-party delivery services (UberEats, Door Dash, Grubhub, etc.)
  • Some chain restaurants may stay open, and need to hire people to package orders, deliver orders and fill in for people who have to take leave. Please check with your local restaurants.

Local Volunteer Opportunities:

Job Search Websites:

Filters for remote/work-at-home, part-time and entry-level jobs:
Filters remote, entry-level, mid-level, senior-level Filters work from home and part-time Freelance

Internship Updates

Emergency Resources for Students

The new county website is a great resource for students (and employees) who need housing, food, employment, etc. assistance

Job & Internship Searching

I am graduating soon or need a part-time job. What should I be doing?

During this time of uncertainty, one of the best things you can do is to focus on the things you can control. That includes updating your resume, LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, and practicing your interviewing skills. ELCS is here to help you with that! Make an appointment with a Career Coach to address any concerns you might have, or to get some help preparing for your job search. If you are a graduating, see our resource page for seniors!

Are organizations still hiring? Will I be able to find an internship for summer?

Yes! We are still receiving hundreds of new postings per week in Handshake from a variety of organizations. The application and interview process for spring/summer jobs and internships may change as more information and guidelines come to light. We recommend being flexible and communicative with employers during the process and be prepared for phone and virtual interviews.

To view current opportunities, log into Handshake using your NetID.

Additionally, a group of computer science students from Arizona State University have created a resource called Is My Internship Cancelled? which tracks companies that have cancelled or will continue with summer internships in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Research Operation Levels

As of May 4, UM research operations are at Level 1. Under Level 1 conditions, research activities may resume, but are subject to restrictions. To read these restrictions and find additional information about how to navigate research activity, visit the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship resource pages.