ElevateU, University of Montana’s signature career readiness program, prepares students for a meaningful career and well-lived, joyful life starting from day one. Being career ready means you have the education, skills, and tools needed to launch, carry-on, and pivot your post-graduation career. ElevateU is designed to move students through levels of career readiness and wayfinding; starting with exploring interests, then gaining experiences, embracing opportunities, and elevating to a career. Career Readiness Competencies PDF


93% or employers who supervised our students stated interns exhibited improved growth in teamwork, which NACE says is the #1 attribute employers seek on a candidate’s resume.

95% of UM students said their internship expanded their overall skill set and strengthened their employability.

Your Career Development Plan - ElevateU

Career development is an integral part of your educational journey at UM. You will need broad training to be competitive and dynamic in the job market. By participating in the ElevateU program, you will develop the knowledge and skills that attract potential employers and also help you hit the ground running towards your career.

ElevateU helps students develop specific job skills that employers are seeking. Through this program, you will engage in a variety of experiences, both in and out of the classroom, that will give you insight into careers you are interested in, help you build your skills sets, and find your purpose. You also have the option to meet with career coaches that will help you make informed decisions and guide you in exploring career options as well as identifying the skills you need to succeed in the industry of your choice.

ElevateU - for all UM students

All UM students are eligible to participate in ElevateU. Although, the program is focused on our undergrads to better support their first four years of wayfinding to a career or choice to explore more. Students may find themselves considering graduate school, a year of service or jumping right into a career. ElevateU guides you in exploring all of those options as well as having someone to visit with about those options.

Participating in ElevateU

Through ElevateU, your skills and knowledge will be greatly enhanced to better help you navigate your professional life with confidence after graduation. Through this program, you get a head start towards connecting to a rewarding career in the field you choose:

  • Explore career opportunities and make meaningful connections with professionals that will help guide your post-graduation plans.
  • Participate in internships, service learning and other activities that help you make connections between your natural talents, interests, values, and academic choices.
  • Enhance your networking skills, build a digital brand and learn to articulate your career readiness to employers via ElevateU career services.
  • Develop essential career competencies and experiences, identify areas for growth, and embrace opportunities for personal development in a safe and supportive learning environment.

How the ElevateU career readiness program works

ElevateU is designed to move students through four levels of career readiness. These levels guide you through exploring careers, activities, skills, and connections that take you a little closer, each year, to finding that meaningful career. You are able to move through these steps at your own pace. You can also complete ElevateU quickly or stairstep your professional learning throughout your four years.

Learn more about the four levels of the ElevateU program. 

ElevateU at the University of Montana

Find out more about UM’s signature career readiness program and how you can prepare yourself to be career-ready.



“Being a part of ElevateU is a way to take control of your education, take advantage of connections and opportunities, and find the career right for you.”

- Jordan Gregory, UM graduate 

What is Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is learning by doing -- the key guiding factor of the ElevateU program. Through each step you take in ElevateU, you will consistently have hands-on, real-world experiences such as a college internship, community service, participating in a study abroad program, joining a student group or attending career fairs. Many UM programs offer specific career-ready courses within your major.

These experiences often include connecting you with employers and organizations from a variety of industries and sectors. This is where you will be guided to find a paid college internship, part-time job and even your future career. ElevateU will help you connect your experiences to your preferred career development goals. Through ElevateU, you will connect to a wider variety of job opportunities. 

Experiential learning: why is it important to your career readiness plan?

In finding the right student, employers look for students who are proficient in career competencies such as teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership to name a few. A recent study found a gap that employers and students have very different perceptions of what career readiness is. Students rated themselves much higher at these career competencies than did employers.

Getting involved in ElevateU will help you close that gap and gain the career competencies to succeed in a professional work environment.

Our track record speaks for itself:

95% of UM students said that participating in internships at college expanded their overall skill set and strengthened their employability

More than a quarter of UM students were offered jobs at the conclusion of their internship experience.*

*Internship data for Summer 2020 – Spring 2021