Experiential Learning Scholarship Fund FAQs

Applications are submitted here:

Apply for the Experiential Learning Scholarship Fund

Some general suggestions for students wanting to make their applications stronger are the following:

  • Write a strong proposal that articulates a compelling link between the Experiential Learning opportunity and your current program of study/ future and career aspirations. We strongly recommend the UM Writing and Public Speaking Center for assistance with your proposal.
  • Use your proposal as a way to set yourself apart from your fellow applicants. Tell us what makes you unique–your personal challenges, experiences, dreams, accomplishments, etc.
  • Present a strong letter of recommendation from someone who knows you well and, ideally, is faculty/staff in your field of study at UM.

Experiential Learning Scholarship Fund recipients are selected by the ELSF committee. The committee is composed of faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students. The committee uses the ELSF rubrics to score applicants.

Yes. You will need to include a letter of recommendation. Applications should include a recommendation from a UM faculty or staff member. Your faculty/staff mentor is expected to oversee/mentor your project/experience. They will confirm this in their endorsement letter.

A letter of recommendation should come from a UM faculty or staff who knows you well and is mentoring your experience.

No. Please only apply for one experience.

Yes. As long as you meet all of the requirements (taking seven or more credits, good academic standing, no holds on your account). If you have been funded in the past and are applying for more funding for the same project, the committee will allow your application but will give a strong preference towards new projects. If you have applied but have not been funded or were funded and are applying for a new project, we treat your application just as we would a brand new application.

Scholarship applicants will be informed of their status approximately 6-7 weeks after the scholarship deadline. 

Please be aware that this funding counts towards the student's financial aid eligibility and could disrupt their current financial aid package. If you have concerns regarding financial aid implications, please talk with the scholarship program staff and UM Financial Aid.

Group applications will not be considered. The group must submit their applications as individuals, with separate materials for each applicant. Please indicate in your cover letter that you are working with other applicants. Funds are awarded based on individual application quality, which means certain group members may receive funding from RCSF while others do not.

No extensions or late application materials will not be accepted. This is part of the learning experience with asking for scholarships. Our deadlines are set, and our allocation dates have been published. Prepare early to complete your application on time!

The committee funds individual projects/experiences based on the quality of the application. We do not make value judgments (such as "This project/experience is more important than that project!") but rather focus on the individual's clarity and adherence to our rubrics. We do not favor any specific types of projects or experiences. We recommend that you closely examine the available rubrics to guide you through your application.

The Experiential Learning Scholarship Fund Committee cannot guarantee funding for any individual student. All students are given the right to apply, but the right to funding is determined by the merit and strength of the individual application.

No. Due to possible liability, we cannot support a project after a student has graduates.