About NSE

Program Description

An intercollegiate, study-away program, NSE allows undergraduate students to study at 170+ member colleges and universities in 48 states, 7 Canadian provinces, 9 Spanish-speaking campuses in Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For information on participating schools, the application process, cost and qualifications, check out the National Student Exchange website.

History of Montana's NSE

In 1968, UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA, University of Alabama and Illinois State University founded the "Domestic Student Exchange Program" at a time in our nation’s history when college students were searching to understand identity, history and how human differences fit into the American culture.

Beginning with 7 students, NSE has grown into a premier network of 170+ colleges and universities providing affordable domestic exchanges. UM has exchanged 3,405 students since 1968, of which 2,009 came to UM to explore our beautiful state and University offerings.

The application process begins with contacting the NSE Coordinator, Kathy Peters.


Kathy Peters

NSE Coordinator

(406) 243-2022