NSE Financial Aid

Plan A (Pay Away)

On Plan A, tuition/fees are assessed at the in-state (resident) rate of the "host" campus.

If you have financial aid: Apply for financial aid from your host school, not from UM. On your FAFSA application, enter your host school’s FAFSA code listed on NSE’s website (nse.org) and the FAFSA website (fafsa.ed.gov), or ask your NSE Coordinator. When you are ready to return to UM, change the code back to UM’s FAFSA code #002536.

If you have scholarships: Not all scholarships travel out-of-state, such as the Presidential Leadership Scholarship (PLS), Montana Academic Achievement Award (MAA), Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), the Leadership, Achievement and Service Scholarship (LAS), etc. While on exchange, we can put them “on hold” and reinstate them upon your return to UM. However, you must maintain compliance with all scholarship requirements (including GPA) while on exchange.  

*On Plan A, you will be a “guest” in-state student at your host school paying in-state tuition.

Plan B (Pay Back Home)

On Plan B, tuition/fees are paid to your "home" school at the rate you normally pay.

If you have financial aid: Continue to apply for financial aid from UM. Funds will be deposited directly into your UM student account. Discuss your financial aid situation with the UM Financial Aid Office. 

If you have scholarships: Your scholarships will be deposited directly into your UM student account.

Paying for housing: If your financial aid and/or scholarships exceed tuition/fee charges, UM will send you a refund via bank account direct deposit (3-5 business days) or paper check (7-14 business days). Log into CyberBear (Student Account Services–Student Refunds–My Refund Option) to choose how you want to receive your refund.

*On Plan B, you will be paying tuition to UM, yet attending school and paying for housing at your host school.

For more information:

Business Services, Student Accounts: (406) 243-2223 or UMstudentaccts@mso.umt.edu

Financial Aid/Scholarship Office: (406) 243-4930 or faid@mso.umt.edu