Your Student is Going on Exchange!

Congratulations! As a parent, you probably have a few questions, like will they be safe, how will they pay for school and register for classes, and where will they live. We have answered frequently asked questions below and hope answers help elevate your comfort and excitement levels about your child exchange through the National Student Exchange.

Students exchanging under Plan A apply for financial aid from their "host" school. The student must remember to enter the school's FAFSA code on the FAFSA application. FAFSA codes for all NSE campuses are available at the campus NSE office, on the FAFSA search, and 

On Plan A, tuition/fees are assessed at the in-state (resident) rate of the "host" campus.

Students exchanging under Plan B apply through UM, their "home" institution. UM students on Plan B exchanges who qualify for financial aid will have their funds deposited directly into their UM student account in CyberBear. In some instances (for example, certain scholarship monies) a paper check is mailed to the "host" school's financial aid office for disbursement. Details about financial aid should be discussed with the UM Financial Aid Office, including treatment of home campus "work-study" eligibility.

On Plan B, tuition/fees are paid to your "home" school at the rate you normally pay.

Your student is responsible for these costs. If your student is eligible for financial aid, we can create a revised tuition/fees budget sheet to include room and board, cost-of living and travel to submit to Financial Aid for increased eligibility consideration. Each student’s financial situation is unique and requires consultation with a Financial Aid advisor (406) 243-5373.

After your student accepts their placement, the host school NSE Coordinator will send application materials, class registration forms, housing applications, and other materials needed for enrollment, including: time schedules, guidelines for registration, and tuition payment.

Yes. To transfer credits and grades back to UM, students must request an official transcript be sent to from their host institution to UM after grades are posted. UM’s Registrar will post the credits and GPA earned at the host school to the UM transcript. On the UM transcript, credits and grades will be listed separately and not factored into the UM GPA.

Yes. Spanish is the language of instruction at Puerto Rico NSE schools. If your student plans to apply to Puerto Rico, they must demonstrate Spanish language proficiency.

Yes. French is the language of instruction at the Universities de Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada. If your student plans to apply there, they must demonstrate French language proficiency.

Proficiency means your student is able to read textbooks, understand lectures, take part in classroom discussions, do written work and take examinations in Spanish. UM offers a free 30-minute language proficiency placement exam in the World Languages and Cultures department, Liberal Arts 133. Results are immediate. For more information, email:

Absolutely! Many students have enjoyed a combination of NSE exchange, international exchange, and short term faculty lead study abroad programs throughout their UM career.