Community Agencies

Experiential Learning and Career Success serves as a liaison for community agencies interested in connecting to faculty and service learning courses on campus. We can assist in finding the right course and/or instructor to partner with to help meet your community service needs and organizational mission. When community agencies partner with an academic course and faculty member, they commit to providing a safe service experience for UM students that involves appropriate orientation, training, and supervision of the service learning students.

UM offers a Service Learning course designation, enabling students to seek out service learning courses through the course offering directory.  Courses with the designation are also highlighted as Service Learning courses on student transcripts.  Every year, increased numbers of faculty, students, and community agency representatives express interest in academic service learning.

When deciding whether service learning may be a fit for your agency, consider the following:

  • What learning experience could you provide?
  • What disciplines and/or fields of study are reflected at your agency?
  • How long/how often do you want student involvement at your agency (e.g., 1x a semester, bi-weekly, daily)?
  • Will you be able to devote time and preparation to training needs and service options?
  • Are you willing to provide advice and feedback to faculty/students regarding the service performed?

For more information on how to become a service learning community partner agency, please contact Andrea Vernon at 243-5159 or