K - 8 Tutoring

The K - 8 Tutoring Project serves to improve reading and math skills of elementary-age students and to promote and sustain college student volunteerism. These goals are achieved by providing local schools with trained college student tutors to work one-on-one and in small groups with teacher-identified students in a classroom setting. The program seeks to be a community-wide effort by enlisting the support of local teachers, administrators, parents, University of Montana students and faculty, community volunteers, businesses and other organizations. ELCS can serve as a resource to help you get connected to tutoring opportunities.

*** If you have a Work Study award and would like to become a paid tutor in a local elementary school, please contact Angela Bridegam at 813-1619 or email them: UMAmericaReadsCounts@gmail.com

Learn more about the UM America Reads Program!

A local school principal commented: "Without this tutoring program, our students would not receive the extra help they so desperately need!"

UM Tutoring Project Testimonial from Jordan Frotz:

"The UM Tutoring Project is an amazing program that gives university students the opportunity to tutor in elementary schools.  This is my fourth semester in volunteering with the program, and I enjoy it now as much as I have in the past.  I have worked with three different teachers (two at Cold Spring and one at Paxson Elementary) and feel that I have learned much from the opportunity to work with all of those teachers.  This program is a great chance for pre-service teachers to gain experience in the field of education, but it is also a great chance for students from other majors to gain valuable volunteer experience.  I feel this program is a great asset to the Davidson Honors College and the Office for Civic Engagement."