ELCS and the Missoula community work side-by-side to coordinate volunteer opportunities in the city/county and surrounding communities.  To post a need or to find a volunteer opportunity, please visit VolunteerMissoula online.


In late 2012, a group of local nonprofits, businesses, and government organizations began collaborating to help promote volunteerism as a viable solution to closing gaps in services in our community.  Out of this alliance, and with a fiscal sponsorship from United Way, Volunteer Missoula was born. 

With over 600 nonprofit and charitable organizations, Missoula is an exceptionally giving community.  Every day these organizations need support from volunteers, as well as the public and private sectors to meet the growing needs of the community.  Missoula’s economic and social climate continues to shift, creating the need to centralize volunteer resources for private, public and nonprofit purposes. New collaborative partnerships are essential to maximize efforts and provide efficient delivery of services. Communication between all groups is key to closing the gap between volunteers and volunteer management professionals, and the success of Volunteer Missoula.


Volunteer Missoula seeks to:

  • Connect volunteers to service opportunities, and connect nonprofits to volunteer recruitment tools;

  • Foster greater collaboration between nonprofit organizations in Missoula;

  • Provide and coordinate training and consulting services, build networking tools and business partnerships;

  • Connect local businesses to corporate volunteer opportunities, training and consulting services, notice of board vacancies, and increased recognition for their contributions to the public sector;

  • Provide new infrastructure for inventive, hybrid partnerships with emerging businesses and nonprofits to address service gaps, promote economic development and greater community involvement.