Micro-Internships at UM

Micro-internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments similar to tasks given to new hires or interns. Typically, micro-internships range from 5-40 hours of work and are highly specific, project-based positions. Micro-internships can occur on-site or remotely. Students that participate in micro-internships are paid a fixed rate (at least $12/hour), and are given a timeline to complete their projects; typically over a two to four-week time period.

Micro-internships are offered by Fortune 100 companies, emerging start-ups, and a variety of other companies in departments including sales, marketing, technology, HR, and finance. Micro-internships offered through specific organizations/companies or other search platforms might not be paid, but all micro-internships on Parker Dewey are paid.

Credit may be a possibility (1 credit = 45 hours of work). Please speak with your advisor or faculty mentor to determine where a micro-internship fits into your academic plan and whether you can earn credit.

Schedule an appointment with one of our Career Coaches to review your micro-internship application materials! 

UM Micro-Internships: https://info.parkerdewey.com/umt


Micro-internships are open to all University of Montana students and alumni. There is no cost to students to participate.


As a complement to your academic work and summer or semester-long internships, micro-internships let you:

  • Learn and build skills employers look for when recruiting for internships and full-time positions
  • Explore new industries and career paths
  • Build relationships with employers by demonstrating your skills and abilities
  • Add projects to your resume working with top employers
  • Connect with employers who might not typically visit campus


  • Create your free account: parkerdewey.com/umt with your UM email address 
  • Look for the confirmation email and then fill out your profile as completely as possible
  • Review current micro-internship projects available
  • Apply to projects of interest. Your responses to questions on the applications are critical. Be specific!
  • Check back as the platform offers new opportunities regularly

If you are selected for a micro-internship, you will receive an email packet that includes information on how to contact the employers to discuss a start date and begin work on the project. You may also be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement; this is a standard form that might limit the details about the project you can share with others. If you have any questions please contact ELCS@umontana.edu