Heating and Cooling


UM Campus: Heating and Cooling


The Heating Plant is responsible for generating and supplying steam to buildings on campus for heating, cooking, sterilizing, hot water and electrical generation. The Heating Plant also provides the repair, replacement, and preventative maintenance of all related equipment in the boiler room, turbine room, distribution system, and mechanical rooms throughout campus.


The Technical Services Shop maintains, repairs, operates and optimizes all types heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and control systems on campus.


Facilities Services has a central building computer control system which manages the HVAC systems. One of its primary functions is energy conservation through night setback during unoccupied periods.

If your department has scheduled a function outside the normal operating hours and needs a heating/cooling schedule change please contact the Work Order Desk, preferably one day in advance.

If a department has a published calendar of events which has functions after normal hours, please send that information to the Work Order Desk and request the accommodations.


To place a work order, either call 243-6091 from 8am to 5pm, Monday - Friday or submit your request via the Online System.Click here to open the Online Work Order system. Click here for Campus Stores Activity Report
Contact us by email: Work Order