Facilities Services is responsible for providing maintenance to all University facilities. Only Facilities Services is authorized perform building maintenance, painting, remodeling or construction work on state-funded facilities.

UM Campus: The walk way leading to the oval.

Facilities Services receives limited funding for the maintenance of “State” buildings and performs routine maintenance as funding allows. Part of our maintenance responsibility includes regular testing and maintenance of fire alarms, emergency lights and generators, elevators, exhaust fans, filters, and other health and safety-related equipment for “State” buildings. These maintenance efforts are designed to prevent any “surprise” outages, to protect the University community and to minimize disruption of facility operations.

Maintenance requirements that are specific to a departmental program or specialized equipment must be paid for by the department. If the equipment is not part of a building system for which Facilities Services has full operating control, regardless of whether it was installed at the time of construction or added later, it is the responsibility of the department. Occupants of “Non-State” buildings may contract with Facilities Services, outside contractors or utilize their own maintenance staff (when available) to perform work on “Non-State” buildings.


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