Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure who to call? Below is a list of services performed by Facilities Services. If you're still not sure, please call x6091 and we'll direct you to the appropriate office.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Physical Plant, Building #32, just east of the Washington Grizzly Stadium on Campus Drive. We are in the same building where you would pay for a parking pass or pick up keys for a rental vehicle. Visit the Campus Map for specific building location.

Q: Where can I park on campus?

A: For full parking information, please visit the Office of Public Safety located in the Physical Plant or view the Parking Map online.

Q: Where is _____ building?

A: Visit the Campus Map for more information.

Q: Where do I buy a parking pass?

A: You may purchase a parking pass from the UM Police Department.

Q: Where is _______ office at? Can you let ________ know I am here?

A: There is a partial building map of the Facilities Building, located next to the Facilities Services – Work Order Desk in the main entry. You are welcome to locate your party on the map and let yourself in.    

Q: Can I put in a Work Order over the phone or do I have to send a written request?

A: We encourage users to submit Work Orders online through the Accrent/FAMIS system. For immediate assistance or emergency-related questions, you can call Work Control at 243-6091.

Q: Does Facilities Services still handle the mail?

A: Facilities no longer handles the mail for campus. Campus mail is now being handled by Mail Services on the first floor of the UC. You can visit the Mail Services Website for more information.

Q: Can I still drop off and ship at the Facilities building?

A: Yes, their hours are M-F 8am-3pm with an hour break from 12pm-1pm. 


Q: What services are available through the campus shops?

A: Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC, Locksmith, Machinist, Painting, and Plumbing

Q: If I need a project done that is not considered maintenance, can I place a work order for the campus shops?

A: Yes, depending on project cost and scope. The campus shops are primarily in charge of campus maintenance, however they also provide services for small renovations that are billed to a department with a Banner Index Number. If the project is deemed too large, you will be referred to the Planning and Construction Department.

Q: Who do I contact to place a work order?

A: Please do not call the campus shops directly, instead call the Facilities Services - Work Order Desk (x6091). Supply the building name, room number, and what you want / need done. Emergency calls, such as water leaks, will be radioed out from the work order desk to whomever is on shift. 

Q: What do you have in stock?

A: Commonly used maintenance and custodial material.

Q: Can any department on campus purchase warehouse stock?

A: Yes. You will need a Banner Index Number

Q: Can you deliver?

A: No. We do not provide delivery service.

Q: What do I do if we are out of paper towels or toilet paper?

A: Call the Facilities Services - Work Order Desk (x6091) and place a work order. Our day custodian will address the issue as soon as possible.

Q: What days are custodial services provided?

A: Our custodial crew works Monday-Friday 5:00pm-1:30am

Q: Do I still need a work order for non-academic events that occur Monday through Friday?

A: Yes. The custodial crew is responsible for cleaning up after the daily academic activities only. Any other event that requires clean up needs a work order and will be charged. Monday through Friday work (does not apply to holidays) will be charged at the regular rate and weekend work will be charged at the overtime rate and has a two-hour minimum.

Q: Can we set up our slack lines on these trees?

A: UM does allow for slack lining on campus. Individuals setting up lines should select trees greater than 12 inches in diameter to insure structural stability, and must place folded cardboard or carpet on the backside of the tree to avoid damaging the cambium (trunk).

Q: Why are you watering the sidewalks?

A: Much of UM’s irrigation is still on a “quick coupler” manual setup system. This type of irrigation only allows for watering in circular or semi-circular patterns from specific water source points. Due to water source locations, and the sharp angles involved with the sidewalks, some overspray is necessary in order to insure that all of the turf and trees are getting adequate water during the growing season.

Q: Does my dog need to be on a leash on campus?

A: Yes. UM policy and City of Missoula law require that dogs be on a leash while in public spaces.

Q: When is the heating plant shut down and how does this affect campus?

A: Typically, the heating plant is shut down for routine maintenance in May, the week following graduation. This shut down affects the heat and hot water in most of the facilities on campus.

Q: I filled out the “Declaration of Surplus Property” form online through Business Services. When will the items be picked up?

A: The labor crew is in charge of picking up surplus items, which they do in their spare time. They have many jobs / projects across campus that take precedence. If something needs to be done quickly, please call the Facilities Services - Work Order Desk (x6091) and place a work order to schedule a pickup.

Q: Who is in charge of the M Trail and other parts of Mt. Sentinel?

A: Contact our Natural Areas Specialist - Marilyn Marler – phone: 406-544-7189 or email:

Q: I would like to remodel my room / lab / classroom / space. How do I go about doing that?

A: Please contact the Campus Architect - Jameel Chaudhry - phone: 243-5576 or email:

Q: What is the process and how is the cost broken down?

A: Once a project has been requested, we will put together an estimate based on previous project costs that are relevant. This estimate is not a bid price, but rather an estimated guess. A bid price is received once the project goes out to bid to contractors. We also add standard fees which will vary depending on the project cost. 

Q: Why do I need to go through Facilities to have work done on my room / lab / classroom / space?

A: All buildings / spaces on campus are State property, and as such the campus as a whole is required to follow Montana State Statutes and Requirements. The responsibility of Facilities Services is to ensure that we maintain compliance with Accessibility Standards, Building Codes, Hazardous Materials Regulations, etc…

We also provide several shop services, which are protected by Union collective bargaining agreements. If work is done without prior Facilities approval, a grievance could be filed against a department or individual.

  1. All construction contracts must go through Facilities.
  2. Any and all alterations to campus property, including finishes and paint colors, must be approved by Facilities and must be installed / applied by a contracted professional.

Q: What is Surplus?

A: There is a vast assortment of items that are considered surplus. When a room goes through a remodel or gets new furniture, old items that are still in good condition are taken to surplus for use in other spaces. The assortment of items ranges from chairs to cabinetry.

Q: What if I have surplus?

A:  If you have, any questions about surplus items follow this link:

Business Services - Surplus Disposal

Q: Where is Surplus and can I just go in there?

A: Surplus is located in Building 25, which is located within the Facilities fenced compound, at the far East end. It is available to the campus community on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month from 8:30am – 11:30am. You must make an appointment with Chris Newlon (x5200) to schedule a visit after hours.

Q: Is everything is surplus available?

A: All items in surplus that are not marked are available to the campus community for use in campus spaces.  

Q: If I find something in surplus, how do I get it to my room / office / classroom?

A: You have two options:

  1. You can take it with you right then, or you can arrange for pickup and delivery on your own.
  2. Contact the Facilities Services - Work Order Desk (x6091) to setup a delivery from labor crew, you will need a Banner Index Number for charges.
    • All items that are not considered accessories or furniture and must be attached to a space, such as cabinets or whiteboards, must be delivered and installed on a work order.

Q: Who may use the Transportation Service’s Fleet?

A: All registered students, faculty, staff or state employees may use the service as long as it is for official University or State business. To make a reservation, log into Cyberbear, click on the Udrive tab then click on Reserve a Vehicle. If you have any questions or difficulties in making a reservation, please contact Transportation Services at 243-2024.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a vehicle?

A: The rates vary depending on the type of vehicle. Every vehicle has both a rate per day and a rate per mile associated with each rental. The rates include all your fuel and other associated costs incurred during your rental.

Q: Where and when can I pick up a vehicle?

A: Transportation Service’s vehicles can be picked up in the main lobby of the Facility Services building. During normal business hours, go to the Facility Services window to the right.

Q: What vehicles do you repair and maintain?

A: Any University owned vehicle or equipment.

Q: How do we schedule work that we need done?

A: Contact the Vehicle Repair Center – phone: 243-6580 or email:; You may also contact the Facilities Services - Work Order Desk (x6091)

Q: What services do you provide?

A: We are a full service automotive repair facility. We also do portable and standby generator repair, small engine and turf equipment repair, snow removal equipment repair, snowmobile and ATV repair, light metal fabrication and machine work, hydraulic equipment repair, and heavy equipment repair.