Rent A Vehicle

Transportation Services provides and maintains a rental vehicle fleet for use by employees, students and volunteers who are traveling on official University business. All individuals must be authorized by the department or renting entity to drive the vehicle. If an individual's name does not appear in the Cyberbear U-Drive list they are not authorized to drive the vehicle unless authorized by Risk Management.

How It Works

  • Log into Cyberbear
  • Click on U-Drive Tab
  • Click on Reserve a Vehicle

When renting a vehicle with an occupancy rating greater than 7, the driver(s) must be large vehicle certified, or must have proof of a current CDL with a passenger endorsement.

On-line reservations or cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to departure. Contact Transportation Services at (406) 243-2024 if this requirement can't be met.

When renting vehicles from Transportation Services, outside vendors, or utilizing their private vehicles for University business, one must comply with the following Policies and Procedures (updated  1/8/2010).