Alphabetical Faculty Senate Procedure Listing

Faculty Senate Procedures list
Procedure Title Procedure Number Committee 
Academic Forgiveness  203.01 ASCRC
Academic Program Review 102.35 ECOS
Advanced Placement (AP) 203.1 ASCRC
Advanced Writing Substitution Guidelines 202.50.6  Writing
Approval of Graduation Lists  101.1 Faculty Senate
Bertha Morton Fellowships / Scholarships 303.1 Graduate Council 
Caucus to nominate ECOS member  102.25 ECOS
Center Review / Center Review Budget Form 102.3 ECOS
Certificate Program Guidelines 201.10  ASCRC
Co-convening Course Guidelines 301.2 Graduate Council 
Committee Nominations and Appointments 102.2 ECOS
Common Course Numbering Workflow / Timeline 201.05 ASCRC
Compressed courses 201.4 ASCRC
Course Number Reuse 201.2 ASCRC
Credit Hour Definitions 201.35 ASCRC
Criteria for Evaluating Course Proposals 201.30.1  ASCRC
Criteria for Evaluating Curriculum Changes  201.3 ASCRC
Curriculum Review Overview 201 ASCRC
ASCRC Curriculum Subcommittee Responsibilities 201.30.2  ASCRC
Doctoral Interdisciplinary Studies (DIS) Admissions 302.55 Graduate Council 
Doctoral Interdisciplinary Studies (DIS) Oversight 302.5 Graduate Council 
Dormant Courses 201.5 ASCRC
Dual Enrollment Guidelines 201.65 ASCRC
Editorial Catalog Changes 201.30.3  ASCRC
Effective Date of Approved Curriculum Forms 201.6 ASCRC
Evaluation of the Administration  102.4 ECOS
Exemptions to General Education Language Requirement 202.40.3  General Education
Faculty Senate Committee Annual Reports 102.1 ECOS
Faculty Senate Elections 102.5 ECOS
Film Studies Course, Scheduling Guidelines 201.55 ASCRC
General Education Course Criteria and Learning Outcomes 202.2 General Education
General Education Framework 202.1 General Education
General Education Review and Assessment 202.4 General Education
General Education Subcommittee Responsibilities 202.40.1 General Education
General Funded Graduate Assistants Process and Allocations  303.2 Graduate Council 
Graduate Admissions Standards Guidelines 302.1 Graduate Council 
Graduate Student Advising Guidelines 302.3 Graduate Council 
Graduate Certificate Program Guidelines  301.1 Graduate Council 
Graduate Increment Guidelines 301.3 Graduate Council 
Graduate Program Review Guidelines 302.2 Graduate Council 
Graduate Research Awards 303.3 Graduate Council 
Graduation and General Education Appeals Committee General Policies and Procedures 203.5 ASCRC
High Impact Practice Definitions and Attributes 201.72 ASCRC
Honorary Degrees, Consideration of 101.2 Faculty Senate
Interim Assessment of New Programs 102.7 ECOS
International Baccaloriate Policy  203.20  ASCRC
Internships 203.6 ASCRC
Items that Require Senate Approval 101.4 Faculty Senate
Majors Policy 203.7 ASCRC
Micro-Credentials & Badges 201.67 ASCRC
Minors Policy  203.8 ASCRC
One-time only General Education Courses 202.3 General Education
Online Course, Principle of Quality 201.7 ASCRC
Unit Standards Review, Operating Procedures 501.1 Unit Standards Committee
Physical Activity / Skills Courses 201.80.1  ASCRC
Posthumous Degree Candidates, Consideration of 101.3 Faculty Senate
Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Guidelines 203.30  ASCRC
Program Move / Form / Fiscal Analysis 201.73 ASCRC
Program of the Senate 102.6 ECOS
Reassigned Time / Form (needs revision) 102.9 ECOS
Requesting Reconsideration of a Rejected Curriculum Proposal 201.30.4  ASCRC
Reserved Course Numbers 201.8 ASCRC
Faculty Senate Resolutions  101.5 Faculty Senate
Rubric Creation Process and Criteria 201.75 ASCRC
Faculty Service Award 102.8 ECOS
Service Learning 201.85 ASCRC
Special Topics / Experimental Courses 201.9 ASCRC
Syllabus Guidelines 201.30.5  ASCRC
Teaching/Research Assistant Tuition Exceptions 303.5 Graduate Council 
Transfer Credit Appeal Guidelines for Introductory and Intermediate Writing Courses  202.50.5 Writing
University Library Committee Operating Procedures 401.1 University Library Committtee
Western Association of Graduate Schools (WAGS)/ University Microfilms International (UMI) Award Nominations 303.4 Graduate Council 
Writing Course Guidelines 202.5 Writing
Writing Course Review 202.50.1  Writing