Department Scholarship Resources

This information is intended for internal UM departments only.

Scholarship Award Summary Sheets

Departments can use these electronic forms when submitting scholarship award requests to the Financial Aid Office. Fill out the correct form based on if it is an initial award or corrections as well as the academic year of the scholarship awards. All completed and signed award summary sheets are to be emailed only.

Where to send Award Summary Sheets and Corrections:

If an award will be charged to a Sponsored Project (a research grant) it must be routed through ORSP and not sent directly to Financial Aid.

Additional information regarding scholarship award summary sheets can be found here:


2022 Summer Award Summary Sheet:

To receive a summer Award Summary Sheet, please contact the UM Foundation directly to ensure the summer budgets are up to date.

2022-2023 Award Summary Sheets:

Presentation Material:

Reference Material: 

How to Sign Award Summary sheets:

Award Summary sheet’s and Award Summary Correction sheets can be signed the following ways.

  • A physical signature by the dean, director or responsible party. Then Scanned and emailed.
  • An electronic signature by the dean, director or responsible party, using DocuSign, Adobe or Excel.
  • And email from the dean, director or responsible party stating that they approve the attached award summary sheet.

If you have questions regarding who can sign for your department please reach out to the Foundation and they can let you know.

Thank you Letters information:

Most of the scholarships offered at the University of Montana are made possible through the generous support of people who care about students and education. We request that students write these donors a thank you letter to communicate the importance of your department’s scholarship(s). A heartfelt thank you letter gives the donor an opportunity to see how the gift has made a difference in the life of a student and is greatly appreciated.  

If you have students who are needing assistance in writing their thank you letter, please direct them to

If you are needing assistance in reviewing, collecting and/or mailing letters, please contact Emily Shankle, Donor Stewardship Manager for the UM Foundation

Contact information:

If you have any questions you can contact the respective offices at the information below.

Financial Aid Office Contacts

Office Extension: x5373

Building Location: Lommasson

Christina Peltier, Scholarship Manager

x 4810

UM Foundation Contacts

Office Extension: x2593

Building Location:
Gilkey Building

Korla McAlpine, Scholarship Administrator

x 4260 

Sarah Wade, Manager of Fund Administration

x 5592

Nancy Randazzo, Director of Gift and Fund Administration

x 4739

Emily Shankle, Donor Stewardship Manager

x 5206

UM Business Services Contacts

Office Extension: x2223

Building Location: Lommasson


Barb Bybee

x 6261

Reminder: Please DO NOT send completed award summary sheets to individual staff members, send to the office designated email accounts listed above for your reference.