Research Lab

Though I have a fully equipped laboratory with computer facilities and state-of-the-art video microscopy systems my true laboratory is shown below:

Selway Mountains covered in snow
Selway/Bitterroot Wilderness, Western MT

sunny grassland with intermittent pine trees
Missouri Breaks, Central MT
view of a valley from high on a mountain with rough pine trees nearby
Glacier National Park, Northwestern MT
rolling grassland with hills
Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Central MT
large valley with pine trees, a rainbow, and mountains in the distance
Swan Mountain Range bordering Bob Marshall Wilderness, Western MT
rolling hills in the sun
Lewis & Clark State Park, Central Montana
scenic view of rough mountains
Beartooth Plateau, Southwestern MT
prairie with flowers and a forest and mountain in the background
Fragmented Forests of Northern Idaho
high Tibetan plateau surrounded by mountains
Tibetan Plateau of Northwestern China
green forest behind a red branch hanging from a tree
Central Mountainous Forests of Taiwan near Smangus