About UMGS

Mission Statement

The UM Gerontology Society aims to:

  • Raise awareness of gerontological issues
  • Foster a community of involvement
  • Connect individuals to resources in their community
  • Advocate for the rights of the aging population
  • Educate the student body about gerontological research and opportunities
All UM students, faculty, graduate students and community members are welcome to join. Gerontology is a great field for pharmacy, social work, nursing, physical therapy, pre-medical students and many other disciplines across campus.


The UM Gerontology Society was founded in October 2012 on the University of Montana campus in Missoula, Montana by Michael Lawrence, Bailee Guisti, and Kelly Lumpkin. All three students pursued the Minor in Gerontology offered by the University of Montana and had ties with an active network of faculty and professionals interested in aging, but realized a centralized student-run group was missing from the campus. With the guidance and advice of Cindy Garthwait, MSSW, and Gayle Hudgins, Pharm.D., the UM Gerontology was able to begin their first year in October. We started with an active member base and we continue to attract the most passionate students from diverse fields.

Looking Forward

To further our aims as stated above, the UM Gerontology Society has the following goals for the coming year:

  • To disperse easy to follow information packets for students who wish to create their own student group
  • To work with the Montana Gerontology Society regarding the formation/feasibility of a chapter system
  • To increase the number of individual member hours spent in the community
  • To increase the number of group hours spent on service projects
  • To form and strengthen alliances with the Missoula Area Agency on Aging and other local organizations
  • To engage the student population with age-related movies, documentaries and other media
  • To conduct basic surveys and research of the University of Montana student population regarding gerontology
  • And much more!

UMGS Officers (2014-2015 Academic Year)

Kailey Phillips, Co-President

Kailey Phillips is a second-year pharmacy student. She is passionate about hospice care and end of life issues. She looks forward to helping others improve their quality of life through medication management. Kailey has been a member of the gerontology society for two years and loves that it provides her with opportunities to serve her community and interact with like-minded students. 

Kelly Hasquet, Co-President

Laurel Vielle, Secretary