Year One

Exploring Global Questions

Global Theme and Challenge

freshman class

Franke Global Leadership Initiative fellows will begin to explore global challenges first through a small Franke GLI seminar and then through exploring the program’s five global themes during the “Global Challenges and Leadership” course. As a part of this course, students will choose one of these global themes that will be a framework for the third and fourth years. They also participate in online discussion forums and in-person events centered on their global theme beginning in their second year. These forums and events help the students identify others who have similar passions and begin the group formation process for their fourth-year capstone projects. While the theme provides a broad context in which to consider global challenges, the student's individual challenge helps to hone in on related real-world issues. Franke fellows choose their challenge when declaring their third year beyond-the-classroom experience and will base this experience on the chosen challenge. 

First-Year Seminars

freshman seminar class

During their first semester of study, Franke fellows enroll in seminars focused on new and enduring global challenges taught by UM faculty recognized for their scholarly work and teaching excellence. First-year seminars are designed as 3-credit interdisciplinary courses that address these challenges in a small seminar-style setting. 

Global Challenges and Leadership Course

freshmen GLI students doing community service

During spring semester, first-year fellows enroll in a 1-credit course that delves more deeply into the significance of each global theme through examples of issues connected to and problems falling within each of these thematic areas. Experts within each theme will be brought in from across UM’s campus and beyond to provide first-hand knowledge of some of these issues.  This course also serves as a cohort building opportunity, bringing all of the Franke GLI students within their first year together for a shared learning experience.