Global Themes

As you create your path through the program, you will explore one or more of the global themes. These global themes represent big ideas and provide broad contexts in which to consider global challenges. Choosing a theme that interests you is critical because it will help frame your beyond-the-classroom experience and capstone project in your junior and senior years.

Each theme encompasses challenges relevant in Montana and around the world. These challenges are complex and can be approached from many angles. The challenges listed for each theme are examples rather than exhaustive lists. You can think well beyond the examples listed and tailor your challenge to your interests.

What does “global” mean in the context of the GLI experience?

Over the course of the GLI experience, you will...

  • Consider problems in context: identify and analyze how problems are expressed similarly or differently in other geographic, cultural and historical contexts;
  • Incorporate diverse perspectives: consider perspectives from other countries or cultures, ideally through direct contact and collaboration;
  • Examine interrelationships: recognize the connections between the self and larger local and global communities and/or recognizes the complex interrelationships among worldwide natural and human phenomena; and
  • Apply global knowledge in designing solutions: use global knowledge to propose solutions/ideas that reflect an awareness of the problem’s global nature.

Culture and Politics

Resources and Sustainability

Public and Global Health

Inequality and Human Rights

Technology and Society