Green Housing for Sustainable Montanans

The website Green Home Montana offers realistic practices for our region.

Sustainability weighs heavily on the minds of many students as they attempt to reorient daily practices into environmentally conscious behaviors. In a culture that has long benefited from natural resources, it can be difficult to drive a message of green living without definite plans from which to start. One GLI capstone team recognizes this issue, presenting a region-specific contention for climate awareness. Savannah Willison, Nicolas Ream, Dylan Trent, and Karlyn Roberts (with the help of faculty mentor Peter McDonough) chose to center their project around creating eco-friendly housing practices for residents of Western Montana.

Focusing on natural resources and sustainability, the team began by asserting a need for relevant living techniques. Much of their energy concentrated on research and development, which group member Karlyn Roberts explained as a necessary prerequisite to a locally-based approach. She continues, “We think our project will provide necessary information and help encourage people in our community to adopt more sustainable living practices.” 

This goal implemented a number of specific changes, like better insulation, improved windows, or composting. Ultimately, the mission culminated in a website encouraging Montanans to adopt green systems. They highlight talking with homeowners about reality-based applications as a gratifying experience, but also realize that their influence could be huge. “The impact of our project improves the community by allowing people to gain more information about what they can do to be sustainable,” comments Nicolas Ream. 

Along the way, the group naturally confronted a variety of issues, among which they list the move to distance learning. For future capstone teams, they advise starting early and maintaining efficient communications. Karlyn enthusiastically remarks, “Pick a topic early and communicate with your team!” To which Nicolas adds, “I recommend using systems and have a plan in place.” Sustainability is a difficult topic to apprehend, but the green housing initiative provides a specific procedure that works for Montanans.


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