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Germany and Austria: Culture Meets Nature

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  Presentation on the study abroad program, Germany and Austria: Culture Meets Nature offered first Summer Session 2023. The 3-credit three-week program is open to all UM students and is in English. Via the theme “culture meets nature” we will explore ways in which the natural and cultural worlds intersect in different areas and cities of southern Germany and Austria. Topics we’ll focus on include environmental culture, the importance of sustainability, the role of open spaces (parks, wilderness areas), and how environmentalism and nature play a role in art, politics, literature, urban and rural development, tourism, transportation, and the everyday life of Germans and Austrians. Places where we’ll visit and stay include Munich in Germany (from where we’ll make some day excursions toward the Alps and surrounding regions) as well as Salzburg, Graz, and Vienna in Austria (from where we’ll take excursions, too, and visit UM’s partner university, the University of Graz.) Learn about places we would see and activities we would do in the first summer session of 2023 (pending approval) in one of the most beautiful and livable parts of Europe and the world!
Trip Term: Summer 2023 
Presenter: Marton Marko: Associate Professor of German, Department of World Languages and Culture