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WORLDFEST is excited to highlight the talents of many UM International and domestic students as they share international stories and activities for children of all ages with the Missoula community!

Tune in for our virtual live events or our fresh pre-recorded content of WorldFest Children’s World!

Global Stories from UM World Languages

Live Events:

Saturday - April 10th, 2021

11 - 11:30 AM: Chinese Folktales

Tune in to hear various traditional Chinese folktales from the book The Dragon King’s Daughter. You may also hear additional stories from Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio. UM China Table members will share these folktales to introduce the audience to Chinese values and common themes of Chinese culture that have been, and still are, vital to this day. These stories will help listeners get a sense of what life in China is like and how their culture defines their values and beliefs.

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12 - 12:30 PM: French Read Aloud Time

Join UM’s French Club co-presidents Kirksey Cunningham and Kevin Lee in a French read-aloud for children. The small selection of French children’s books will be geared towards English-speakers and the presentation will serve as a special opportunity for kids to discover and engage with the French language. Audience participation is encouraged in this event!

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Sunday April 11th, 2021

1 - 2 PM: Spanish For Kids

Join Spanish Club members as they share the benefits of learning Spanish! Find out more about unique aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures, as well as interesting and exciting places one could travel to in the Spanish-speaking world. Spanish Club members will also share a Spanish book in a read-aloud and will answer the audience’s questions.

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2:15 - 2:45 PM: Tales of the Domovoi

In this event presented by UM Russian Club President Anastasiea Chiperi, viewers will have the opportunity to learn all about the house protectors of Russian folklore: the domovoi. The audience will discover the origin of the word domovoi itself in addition to hearing folk stories and discovering these creatures’ significance in Russian folk culture. There will also be a showing of a 3-minute cartoon that has companion apps to play on your mobile device.

Access the video on the Global Engagement Office - University of Montana Facebook page


Prerecorded Events:

Welcome to the WorldFest 2021!

Stories for Missoula from our Home Countries

Get to know UM’s international students and travel the world through the magic of stories when you watch “Stories for Missoula from our Home Countries”. Meet these students virtually as they share their rich heritages through stories they grew up with. Each story hour will feature several story-tellers and there will be some surprises unveiled to enhance the experience! 

Legend of the Huminodun and the Tadau Kaamatean Harvest Festival: In this story, Shu Woan will tell us about the Tadau Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) celebrated by the Kadazan-Dusun community, one of the many indigenous communities in Sabah, East Malaysia. She will explain about the history of Tadau Kaamatan as well as her experience celebrating with her friends in Sabah. Teoh Shu Woan is a PhD candidate in the Wildlife Biology program. While she hails from Kuala Lumpur (West Malaysia), Shu Woan has spent her formative years in Sabah (East Malaysia) studying dolphins and learning about wildlife conservation. This story is for children and adults. Further reading: Tadau Kaamatan. A very special thank you to our volunteer videographer Julien Dousset, UM Media Arts student.

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Dido, the Tunisian Princess: Join UM international graduate student Hajer Ghazouani from Tunisia, as she narrates this story!   About this story, Hajer writes, “I am happy to share with you little angels a Tunisian story that I picked out to exclusively deliver on the WorldFest event. This story comes from Carthage, Tunisia, and it’s about a Tunisian Princess named Dido.  I want to share things about our Tunisian culture, so I am happy that you will be our audience. I hope we can entertain you with our story. Have fun!". Filmed by Hajer.

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The Three Little Pigs with Spanish Words: Meet Lucia Garcialuque, a UM international student from Spain, as she reads a story known to children from both Montana and Spain! Lucia will teach you some Spanish words as you follow the story of the crafty little pigs, and will also share about her home region in Spain and how it is both similar and different to Montana. Charlie, a little girl from Idaho visiting campus with her family, joins Lucia as a special guest as they enjoy a sunny spring day on the beautiful UM Oval. A very special thank you to our volunteer videographer Julien Dousset, UM Media Arts student.

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The Tale About the Water: In this well-known story from Tajikistan, The Tale About the Water,  UM international student Rasul tells about the seven-headed-monster who is trying to take out a town's soul - which is water. What happens? Who is that seven-headed-monster? What is the moral of the story?  Join the hero of the story as he tries to vanquish the monster, a task made very difficult due to having to locate the monster’s weakness – which lies in one of its seven heads! But which head is it? Rasul invites you, “Please watch my session where I introduce myself alongside my culture and country; afterwards, I tell the story and reveal the answers to the above questions.”  This story is part of a children’s book called “Where Does Water Come From”, available on Kindle. A very special thank you to our volunteer videographer Yueyang Hu, international student in the Master of Business Administration Program.

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The Legend of Papua’s Scary Ghost: Learn about the tropical island of Papua, Indonesia with Eiton Kogoya as he narrates the legend of “Scary Ghost” and tells about life on his island. Eiton dons clothing and adornments typical of Scary Ghost and relates how Papuan families invoke tales of him to encourage good behavior, especially at bedtime. A disobedient child might find themself the unlucky recipient of a visit from Scary Ghost. Eiton, a UM international student from Papua, also shares his love of his native Papua and his family and recounts some of his Montana experiences.

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Tortoise and Hare story: Here we have Aasha from Nepal. She is seven years old and she loves to read and write her own little stories. She will be reading us the Tortoise and Hare story. Most stories told in Nepal to kids have a moral and so does this one. The moral in this story is that slow and steady always wins the race and teaches kids to be patient and to have manners that are down to earth. A very special thank you to our volunteer videographer Ashlesha Khatiwada, UM international student who is a senior in Geosciences.

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Hexagons with Francis: The author Sisilia reads a sweet illustrated story, written and published on Storyjumper, about inclusion. Francis is the story of a triangle who was born upside down and has trouble joining in  because that shape doesn’t fit into the patterns the other triangles make.  But then one day Francis finds a solution and teaches the other triangles a valuable lesson about inclusion.  The author is Sisilia,  graduate student in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of Montana. She has been an Indonesian for Speakers of Other Languages (ISOL) instructor for 5 years and taught in Indonesia and Thailand. Currently, she's a teaching assistant at Mansfield Defense Critical Language and Culture Program. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and watching Japanese anime. A very special thank you to our volunteer videographer Dillon Sierra. 

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WorldFest tip: You can also access the book and hear it narrated in both English and Indonesian by the author and her friend Taylor S. The book includes the original pictures and text in both languages. Access it at


Welsh Story - the Legend of Gelert: Beth Schofield, a University of Montana exchange student from Wales,  tells the story of the legend of Gelert, a true example of how dogs have always been man’s best friend. Set during the 13th century during the reign of Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Wales, the Legend of Gelert is a story of heroism and tragedy, but above all else is one of the most famous stories in the history of Welsh folklore and has left a lasting impression on the culture and identity of those living in Wales today. The town of Beddgelert (literally translating to “Gelert’s Grave”) in Caernarfon marks the supposed final resting place of this legendary pooch and remains very popular amongst Welsh locals and tourists today. Coming from Aberystwyth on the Welsh West coast, Beth says “I am very happy to have the opportunity to share this story with you today, thank you for listening!”. A very special thank you to our volunteer videographer Yueyang Hu,  international  student in the Master of Business Administration Program.

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WordFest Tip: Join Beth and learn more about Wales as she shares Welsh Cakes in WorldFest’s “Cooking Shows


The Bird and the Whale, with special guest UM’s Monte bear: University of Montana exchange student from Spain, Isabel Lopez Gonzalez, reads the tale of a special friendship between the Bird and the Whale. She has a very special guest listening to her story - UM’s mascot grizzly bear, Monte! Monte, being a bear, loves animal stories and enjoyed this sweet tale. The Bird and Whale is a bittersweet story of two animal friends lucky enough to love each other and frolic together for a blissful period. Isabel also shares about her homeland, Spain. This original story from the Fable Cottage can be heard in five languages at very special thank you to our volunteer videographer Tyler Wilde, Global Engagement intern.

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Reading of the German Illustrated Children’s Story - Oh, Wie schön ist Panama by Janosch

Please join UM German Club president Karissa Moore as she shares the celebrated German children’s story Oh, Wie Schön ist Panama (The Trip to Panama) by Janosch. WorldFest attendees will be able to listen to the story and also view the pictures and text from the story on-screen. The story will be read in German with an introduction and closing in English. Don’t miss this enchanting tale!  In case you need to review the story, here is the PDF Link - Oh, Wie Schön ist Panama:

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Native American Traditional Games 

The Traditional Games video includes filmed demos and purpose of Native American games of: Games to Build Physical Skills:  Run and Scream,  Make the Stick Jump, Slingball, Hoop and Arrow Game. Games of Intuition, Estimation, and Mental Focus: Guessing Sticks, Stone House Game, String Game, and Tie Up. Team Games: Family Lacrosse, DoubleBall, and Shinney. Provided by: MT OPI Indian Education Division.

Native American Traditional Games


Blackfeet Star Stories

A series of videos centering around three Blackfeet star stories and associated astronomy. Provided by: MT OPI Indian Education Division.

  1. Blackfeet Words Used in the Stories
  2. Browning High School Singers share a Blackfeet Star Stories Song
  3. Blackfeet Star Story 1:  Scarface
  4. Blackfeet Start Story 2:  The Bunched Stars
  5. Blackfeet Start Story 3:  The Girl Who Married a Star
  6. Blackfeet Star Stories Credits

Montana Skies: Blackfeet Astronomy Videos





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