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Sunday April 11th, 2021

4 - 5:30 PM: Soft Landing Virtual Cooking Class: Indonesian Dish. Fundraiser for Soft Landing Missoula, the 2021 WorldFest sponsored Non-Profit

United We Eat, a program of Soft Landing Missoula, creates opportunities for refugees and immigrants to earn supplemental income, while introducing Missoula to incredible cooking traditions that serve as a cultural bridge. Learn how to cook an authentic Indonesian dish from Chef Kezia Natania, who will walk you through the steps while regaling you with stories and culture from her home country. Cook along with us from home during this live Zoom event, and end the class with a delicious dinner for you and your family. Ingredients list will be provided prior to the class so that you can participate from home.    This event is a fundraiser for Soft Landing. Preregistration and Payment is required for this fundraiser event for Missoula Soft Landing.

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Soft Landing Missoula is the sponsored nonprofit of UM WorldFest Days. Your donation will support Soft Landing Missoula's mission of helping Missoula to be a welcoming, supportive, and informed community that helps refugees and immigrants integrate and thrive. 

All donations received from UM WorldFest Days participants will help sustain Soft Landing's programs including the Community Resource Center where new neighbors can receive one-on-one support and resources, academic mentoring and recreational experiences for youth, and economic opportunity through United We Eat.

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Prerecorded Events:

Welcome to the WorldFest 2021!


International Cooking and Dining: World Foods for WorldFest

What would a festival be without food? And what would exploring other countries and cultures be without trying out new and exciting ethnic cuisine?  

So WorldFest is proud to bring you World Foods for WorldFest cooking shows and in-person dining options!

UM International Student and Friends -  Sharing Food from Home with our Missoula Community

WorldFest is excited to showcase films of international cuisine presented by our talented local international residents, UM international students, scholars and alumni. Each featured cuisine will showcase one or two chefs sharing their heritage, stories and recipes with Missoula in short 5-6 minute cooking shows, many made especially for WorldFest. Get your taste buds watering, meet our international residents, and try your hand at making these delectable treats. Bon Appetit!

Estrogonofe de Carne, from Brazil: Aline is an UM alumni and she works for the English Language Institute at the UM. The estrogonofe de carne is a very popular beef dish. This traditional Brazilian recipe is fairly easy and quick to make and everyone has its own version. My recipe has fresh mushrooms and corn. The use of good quality, tender steak is important, since the meat is seared and then cooked for just a few minutes into sauce. I hope my friends from all over the world (including Brazil) enjoy this delicious dish! Click here to download the recipe. Click here to watch

Jollof Rice, from Nigeria: The Jollof rice dish is a popular West African savory dish basically made of rice boiled in tomato sauce mixed with meat/chicken broth. The unique thing about jollof rice is that it is made differently all over Africa. Join our chef, Nonso Maxwell Obieyisi, a UM junior in Biochemistry who hails from Anambra State, Nigeria as he beautifully demonstrates this dish. Click here to download the recipe. Click here to watch

Worldfest Tip: Check out the video “Lead” about Nonso in the WorldFest “International at Home” section! “Lead” was made by  filmmaker Jiakai Lou, whose films WorldFest is featuring. Also check out Nonso’s  slideshow “Africa’s Beauty and Nigerian Culture” in the WorldFest Section “Presentation and Discussions”.

Chanarepas:  World premier of a fusion dish made by two UM international student friends!  The friends write, “We made this dish especially for WorldFest,  as a fusion dish,  mixing Nepali dish and Venezuelan dish together. The chana tarkari is the filling for the soft, warm arepas.  Chanarepas is  a new dish, made out of blue. Our dish represents Vanessa and Ash friendship.” WorldFest notes:  Arepas are typically enjoyed with many different types of filling, so it makes sense to fill them with a yummy treat from Nepal!  You have to love the name Ash and Vanessa awarded to their dish: Chanarepas! You can also enjoy each dish separately in its original format. We apologize and will upload as soon as it is available.

Chana Tarkari Chickpea Curry, from Nepal: This vegetarian dish is made on a lazy day in Nepal when you want to dip your chapatti with some vegetable or you can enjoy it warm with rice. The ingredients for the recipe are simple: 1 canned chick pea, salt, pinch of fenugreek seed, 1 tomatoes, 1 potato, half spoon of coriander power and cumin power. Pinch of garam masala, half of onion. Your host chef is Ashlesha Khatiwada, international student from Nepal, who is a Senior in Geoscience. 

Arepas, from Venezuela:   Vanessa, a freshman international student from Venezuela in Molecular Biology, showcases this dish.  She says, “It’s a corn flour unleavened bread and it is my favorite dish because my grand ma and my mother used to make it for me when I was a baby.  It  comes from Venezuela and everyone there eats this dish regularly. The basic ingredients are just water, salt, and corn flour.”

Sopa de grão, from Portugal: It is a deliciously filling garbanzo (chickpea) bean soup, a traditional dish from the south of Portugal.  It is a very easy (and affordable) soup.  It can prepared in a version with bacon or simply a vegetarian veggie soup. It can  be easily prepared as all ingredients are available globally. Follow Sofia Reis from Portugal, international graduate student of the International Educational Leadership doctoral program at UM, as she prepares this dish for you. Click here to download the recipe. Click here to watch.


Butter Chicken, from India: Succulent chicken dressed in a creamy sauce comprising tomatoes, cashews, butter, and spices. It’s a very popular, all-season Indian delicacy, relished by many foodies across the world. Your chef for this will be Karhik: “I am Karthik Siram and I hail from India. I work as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Centre for Translational Medicine (CTM) , University of Montana. I am a die-hard foodie and I love cooking. If you don’t find a particular food in the place where you live, just make it! Simple!” Click here to download the recipe. We apologize and will upload as soon as it is available.

Worldfest Tip: Check out the video “Solution”  about CTM  in the WorldFest “International at Home” section! “Solution” was made by  filmmaker Jiakai Lou, whose films WorldFest is featuring.

Welsh Cakes, from Wales: These delectable treats are scone-like in texture and pancake-like in shape and color. They are usually filled with dried currants, sultanas, or raisins and cooked using a cast iron skillet or griddle. This is an old, simple recipe using durable and often readily available ingredients. Once popular amongst Welsh miners, today it is best enjoyed with a cup of tea between lunch and dinner!  The Main ingredients of the are: self-rising flour, butter, egg, sugar, dried fruit/currants, splash of milk.  Proudly taught by Beth Schofield; Wales; exchange student at UM from Aberystwyth University, Wales. Click here to download the recipe. We apologize and will upload as soon as it is available.

Chole Masala, North Indian Dish: Chole is north Indian dish prepared with garbanzo beans or chickpea beans and eaten with puri, naan or roti. It is a famous street food dish which also includes tomatoes and onions and it is flavored with cumin seeds, ghee (clarified butter), coriander, chili and ginger. Your talented chefs for this show are  Hardik Amin and his wife Mani. Hardik is a postdoc fellow at UM’s Center for Translational Medicine (CTM) and working on vaccine research. Mani is registered nurse at Riverside Health, Missoula. Hardik and Mani are both are from western part of India, Gujarat. Click here to download the recipe. We apologize and will upload as soon as it is available.

WorldFest Tip: Check out the video “Solution”  about CTM in the WorldFest “International at Home” section! “Solution” was made by filmmaker Jiakai Lou, whose films WorldFest is featuring.

WorldFest Tip: This is such a popular dish in South Asia, that three chefs independently chose to feature it for WorldFest! Have fun comparing the versions and seeing the different takes on it and the subtle regional variations. Try them all and see which variety tickles your taste buds. Maybe next year we can feature a similar friendly cook-off with the West African Jollof rice, featured here at WorldFest as well!

Soto Ayam:  This is the  ultimate comforting Asian noodle soup - Soto Ayam or Indonesian Chicken Soup.  Soto Ayam is crafted by combining  cooked chicken in a clear herbal broth brightened by fresh turmeric and herbs, making a flavorful treasure in your bowl.  It is served with rice or vermicelli and in this version, with  perkedell (potato fritters),  and is hearty enough for a meal.  Perkedell recipe is included too.  Masterfully demonstrated by  Sisilia Kusumaningsih, UM  graduate student and affiliate from Indonesia. Click here to download the recipe. We apologize and will upload as soon as it is available.


Cooking Spätzle with Larissa Fluck  

Enjoy this detailed, step-by-step 10-minute instructional film, by a young talented German/American chef. Spätzle (pronounced SHPAYT-zlee) is a popular side dish native to Germany. Spätzle are small pieces of dough, rolled out on a wooden board and cut into a pot of simmering water. The first literature of Spätzle has been traced to 1725, Medieval Knights are depicted in paintings with their Spaetzle boards. The dish is easy to make, as it only has three very common ingredients: flour, salt and water.  When cooked the Spätzle are browned in a hot frying pan, with a little butter and seasoned mostly with a bit of salt, pepper and nutmeg. Spätzle recipes vary by region. Click here to download the shopping list.

Click here to watch


Cooking Chana Masala with Dr. Sarjubhai (Sarj) Patel 

Enjoy this detailed, step-by-step 10-minute instructional film, by a gifted British/Indian cook. Chana Masala originated from the northern parts of India where it's a staple dish. It has gained popularity in the past few years because it's vegan, rich in protein, and simple to make. This tangy dish is commonly consumed as a snack, main meal, or breakfast. “Chana” means chickpea (aka garbanzo bean) and “masala” refers to a blend of spices used in Indian cooking. Chickpeas are simmered in a combination of spices and herbs, often served with rice or Indian flatbreads such as naan, then garnished with a dollop of yogurt or sour cream.  It is a healthy dish, loaded with folate, iron, fiber, and vitamin B. Chana Masala recipes vary by region. Click here to download the shopping list.

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Fun Mini-Gems  by UM international Alumnus Jiakai Lou,  Documentary Filmmaker 

You haven’t seen cooking shows until you see these artistic mini-Gems by Jiakai Lou, UM’s award-winning Videographer.  Delight in these ultra -short films showcasing the talents of UM international students.

o   Saudi Arabia: Traditional Dish called Kabsa, shared by Abdullah Alhamas from Saudi Arabia. Watch here

o   South Korea:  Hearty Korean Beef Chuck Stew, considered a royal dish, shared by Suchan Jeong from South Korea. Watch here

o   Columbia:   Papas Chorreados, shared by student Savannah Anderson. She is Columbian American. Watch here

o   China:  Authentic Chinese Mushrooms and Spinach, filmed by UM alum Quinn Corcoran. Watch here


UM Campus Dining's Bear Claw Bakery: French Macarons

University of Montana Campus Dining's Executive Pastry Chef, Lindsay Marshall, invites guests to learn how to make French macarons. Crafted in the Bear Claw Bakery, these french macarons are only one example of the many innovative ways UM Catering can serve you.

Click here to watch


UM Campus Dining's Bear Claw Bakery: Chocolate Truffles

University of Montana Campus Dining's Executive Pastry Chef, Lindsay Marshall, invites guests to learn how to make chocolate truffles. Crafted in the Bear Claw Bakery, these chocolate truffles are only one example of the many innovative ways UM Catering can serve you! Many of the treats you find throughout our locations on campus are from our bakery!

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Gathering Prairie Turnips with Roger White

Roger White (Nakona) shares traditional harvesting techniques for gathering Timpsina Ba'Gay (Prairie turnips). Pediomelum esculentum Video produced by Roger White and recorded on the Fort Peck reservation - summer 2020. Provided by: MT OPI Indian Education Division

Gathering Prairie Turnips with Roger White(Nakona)


Pre-Contact Native American Food with Mariah Gladstone

Pre-Contact Native American Food can change the game for Native People. It is healthier, more sustainable, and can get people back in touch with their indigenous roots compared to modern introduced foods. Join Mariah Gladstone as she prepares a pre-contact meal consisting of bison and wild rice cakes drizzled with a blackberry and sarvis berry sweet corn relish and green beans on the side. Provided by: MT OPI Indian Education Division

 Pre-Contact Native American Food with Mariah Gladstone



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