WorldFest Days 2021

Now available for free on-demand streaming!

The Global Engagement Office and International Student Association are pleased to announce WorldFest Days 2021!  WorldFest Days’ goal is to promote intercultural and global awareness and appreciation and to connect the residents of Montana, the UM community, and our international partners with one another.  This year’s events will be held virtually due to the pandemic and are free to all.

WorldFest Days was held April 9-11, 2021, but you can watch now on-demand. Since many aspects of this festival are virtual, we will continue to keep the festival content available. Thank you for joining WorldFest Days!


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WorldFest Photo Contest (Win $!!)

Please submit photo(s) and a completed Photo Contest Description Form (see below) to UM Education Abroad at


In celebration of UM WorldFest Days 2021, the Education Abroad office is hosting an international photo contest. Everyone is eligible to participate, includingUM students, faculty, staff, alumni, and non-UM community members. The photo(s) must be from a travel or study abroad experience that celebrates cultural and international diversity. The Education Abroad team will contact the winners and upload a presentation showcasing their work along with past winners on the first day of the festival, April 9.

Winners of the photo contest will win prize money andthe chance to have their photo displayed in the UC during the festival!

1stPlace: $150

2ndPlace: $100

3rdPlace: $50


No more than 25 submissions.

Each photo must be submitted with the PhotoContest Description Form.

Please submit the photo(s) as JPEG files.

Please submit photos by April 4, 2021.


Sponsored Nonprofit of WorldFest 2021: Soft Landing Missoula


Soft Landing Missoula is the sponsored nonprofit of UM WorldFest Days. Your donation will support Soft Landing Missoula's mission of helping Missoula to be a welcoming, supportive, and informed community that helps refugees and immigrants integrate and thrive. 

All donations received from UM WorldFest Days participants will help sustain Soft Landing's programs including the Community Resource Center where new neighbors can receive one-on-one support and resources, academic mentoring and recreational experiences for youth, and economic opportunity through United We Eat.

Donate here

If you have any questions, please contact Mona Mondava at or (406) 243-6141.

Do you require accommodations?  Please contact no later than two (2) business days before the event to inquire about accessibility measures.

Sponsorship or Donation

Sponsorship or Donation Opportunities are also available. We are looking to grow the financial sponsorship of the festival to ensure its success and longevity and welcome sponsorships, donations small or large, and in-kind-donations such as promotional help. If you would like to make a contribution Please contact Mona Mondava at or (406) 243-6141. Thank you!