Finalists and Honorable Mentions


Congratulations to the finalists!

First Place

Charles Gescher


Location: Bali, Indonesia

"This moment captured, showcases the cultural diversity of these Balinese Locals by engaging in their religious practice of spiritually cleansing themselves". 


Second Place

Elan Badminton


Location: Morocco

"This photograph is a moment that I have captured during my travels of people leading their everyday lives which while for them appear mundane for us are quite breathtaking. Many people lead so many different lives while so seemingly ignorant of the larger world filled with so much diversity".


Third Place

Francine Camara-Kaercher


Location: Aparados da Serra National Parkin Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

"This photo was taken in the Aparados da Serra National Park, where the gaucho riders were gathered to go on horseback riding during Farroupilha Week, which takes place every year in September, when Gaucho Day is celebrated in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. It’s a very strong and local culture, influenced by Uruguayan culture. The riderthat appears in the photos is my father, he is also wearing traditional clothes from our gaucho culture".

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions:

Anna Reely



Aline Guy



Becca Olson

becca-olson-photo.jpg    becca-olson-photo-.jpg


Haylie Peacock



Francine Camara-Kraercher

francine-camara-kaercher-photo_-catedral-sao-joao-batista-1.jpg    francine-camara-kaercher-photo_-pantanal.jpg


Charles Gescher



Elan Badminton

elan-badminton-photo-.jpg    elan-badminton-photo.jpg



Samantha Siems

samantha-siems-photo.jpeg    samantha-siems-photo.jpg