Health and Safety

Health Insurance

All students participating in UM Education Abroad programs are required to maintain health insurance coverage throughout their entire study abroad period.  UM's minimum coverage amounts are:

  • Medical Expense Benefit:  $250,000

  • Medical Evacuation:  $150,000

  • Repatriation:  $15,000

Students participating in the Partner University program must verify that their insurance is comparable to, or better than the HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance that is required to participate in this program. It is the student's responsibility to demonstrate that their private insurance meets the UM minimum requirements. ISEP students are required to enroll in the ISEP health insurance as a condition of the program. ISEP's health insurance does meet the minimum requirements set forth by UM. 

When traveling abroad, students should:

In case on an emergency, students and family members should contact the Office of Public Safety at 406.243.4000 (answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). The Global Engagement Office (GEO) will be notified of the emergency. Students and family members can also contact GEO at the numbers listed below. In the event of a political, social, or natural emergency, GEO will be in close contact with the student’s host institution staff and the US Consulate or Embassy. Students should remain in contact with the host institution staff and GEO in an emergency situation. For more information about notification procedures, visit the Emergency webpage.  

Global Engagement Office Emergency Contact Information:

(406)243-2296 during business hours

(406)830-0229 outside regular hours