Cost and Billing Information


Studying abroad is affordable. In many cases, the cost of studying abroad is very similar to what a student would be paying studying on campus. And there are programs where the cost is even less than on-campus costs. International Programs is committed to helping students to find a program that fits their budget.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Most UM scholarships and student loans, except work-study, may be applied toward the study abroad programs offered through The University of Montana.  For programs for which you do not pay UM tuition (such as partner study abroad and ISEP Direct) tuition waivers, LAS Awards, CalMurphy Scholarships, WUE Scholarships, and work-study funding cannot be applied. Students should consult the Financial Aid Office, Enrollment Services and awarding departments for details. There are also many Partner Exchange, ISEP, and other UM scholarships as well as scholarships administered by outside entities such as U.S. Government. Visit our UM Scholarships and Grants page on more information about what is available and how to apply.

Billing Information

Students who study abroad on UM partner university exchange and ISEP exchange pay their regular tuition to UM through Cyberbear. ISEP exchange students also pay for their room and board to UM through CyberBear. When UM bills are posted on Cyberbear, students receive an e-mail notice in their university-assigned e-mail accounts with a link to view the bill, the amount due, and payment due date.

ISEP Direct students pay a program fee through UM (Cyberbear) to ISEP. The program fee varies by institution and it can include a combined cost for tuition, room & board, tuition & room, or tuition alone. The due dates are earlier than UM bills due dates.

The Office of International Programs explains the billing process to the students during pre-departure orientations.