Gender Abroad


Before you embark for your journey abroad, it is important that you think about gender roles, cultural dynamics, and dress norms in your host country. Adjusting to a new culture and unfamiliar gender roles may create a variety of reactions and feelings in you, and it may be more challenging than what you expected. Some locations abroad may have stronger segregation between men and women, and in some countries you may experience unwanted comments or attention toward you.   

We encourage you to discuss these topics with your advisers on campus and previous study abroad program participants. We also invite you to explore the following resources and insightful stories. 

Resources, Guides and Success Stories

Health for Women Travelers – A Good resource for health abroad 

Sexual Harassment And Prevention In College Students Studying Abroad – A study from the Center for Global Education 

Women Travelers - A collection of Brown University student perspectives about diversity and gender abroad 

US State Department - Women Travelers