Students' Stories

Interested in studying abroad but don't know where to start?

Take a look at your classmate's stories abroad or about to go abroad! You can read their stories and get insight into how they felt and their advice to others thinking about studying abroad. 



Who is Taylor Curry and where is he studying abroad?

Taylor Curry is a junior at the University of Montana. He minored in music and is majoring in French and Political Science. 

Taylor is currently studying in Lyon, France. Fall 2021.

What did you learn while abroad?

"On my very first day of class, I sat several rows deep in an amphitheater of about a hundred French students waiting for the start of a course on Contract Law. When the professor began speaking, I started typing confusedly trying to note all I could understand from her think accent. A few minutes in class, a girl behind me tapped my shoulder and told me to write down my email. She knew I was an international student and remarked that most of my notes would need fixing. After seeing her notes I knew she was right. In my other classes, I asked at least one student if they could send their notes to me. So that I could check over my work. That first day was so illuminating about how important asking for help can be."

Tips for studying abroad?

"If you're already certain you'll be studying abroad. I suggest you choose somewhere comfortable from which you can travel easily to interesting places."

Advice for others thinking about studying abroad?

"If you think you're comfortable where you are now, then you are the perfect candidate for some time abroad. Take the ease you've created for yourself and add some cultural complexity by traveling. It's the ultimate change of pace you never knew you needed."


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Who is Reed Miller and where is he studying?

Reed Miller is a 3rd-year student at the University of Montana. Majoring in Economics and has a minor in International Development Studies and Nonprofit Administration. 

Reed Miller will be studying abroad in spring, 2022 in Granada, Spain.

What got you interested in studying abroad?

"I have not had a full Spanish language immersion experience and desperately need it to get my Spanish skills to the next level. I originally was planning on spending an entire year studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country during my second year of school, but unfortunately, the pandemic had other things in mind."

What are your hopes for studying abroad?

"Language skills of course, and also the opportunity to live in a culture and place dramatically different than the area I grew up in."

What makes you nervous thinking about studying abroad?

"All my classes are going to be in Spanish, and not entry-level Spanish. I know that my skills are sufficient enough to allow me to learn quickly, but still, it is frankly a little terrifying." 

Advice for those going through the application process. 

"Follow the steps on the plan and make sure to thoroughly research your visa requirements as soon as you have an idea of where you are going!"


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Who is Jessica Peters and where did she study?

Jessica Peters graduated from the University of Montana in 2018. She majored in Japanese studies and now lives and works in Japan!

Jessica studied at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan from 2016-2017.

How did studying abroad impact your personal life?

"I learned that I am braver and stronger than I had realized. Before going to Japan I lacked confidence in myself, but through my experiences that confidence grew. It impacted me by broadening my horizons of what I thought I was possible of."

When was your AH-HA! moment?

"My dorm was by a school and often I would see students coming and going. One day walking back from class, a group of students passed by me. One of them built up the courage to use what they had been learning in English class and said hello. Before I knew it, I had a whole class of second or third graders saying hello to me. I did not know these children and they didn't know me, but they were able to make that connection in an otherwise silent interaction with a foreigner. At that moment I realized what I wanted to do, I wanted to help foster international connections through language. I believe that a lot of the world's problems can be solved by just being able to communicate, and I'm so happy now that I can bridge those connections with my work."

Advice for those thinking about studying abroad?

"Do it! It is life-changing, you will learn so much not only about another country but yourself as well. Also, don't let the first few months of homesickness or nerves shake you. I saw too many people up and leave because they were not confident they could stay. It can be a very magical experience and going when you are a student is the best time because you will have less responsibilities and, as for Japan, less taxes." 


Who is Charles Gescher and where is he studying?

Charles Gescher is a senior at the University of Montana. Majoring in Cultural Anthropology and History.

Charles will be studying in Athens, Greece in the spring of 2022. 

How did you choose American College in Greece?

"I was very interested in a few different universities before settling on the American College of Greece. ACG was not the top university on y list but it offered all the courses I needed to graduate as I am spending my final semester as a senior abroad. I simply wanted to study abroad and gain the experience of attending a university in a foreign country before I wrapped up my collegiate studies and ACG is giving me this opportunity that I couldn't be more excited about!"

What are you excited about?

"Getting to travel! Be settled in a foreign country, study a foreign language, and do everything else that comes with being abroad!"

Advice for others thinking about studying abroad?

"Find a university that you love and will suit your academic needs."


Who is Kevin Thropp and where did he study?

Kevin Thropp is a senior at the University of Montana majoring in International Business and Management & Entrepreneurship

He studied abroad in the spring of 2020 at Graz, Austria

Advice for those thinking about studying abroad?

"My study abroad experience has taught me to not be afraid to try something new. I had to experience a lot of things by myself abroad and it has benefited me in the long run. Studying abroad made me a more confident person. Decision-making skills were enhanced tremendously and I am now a better person for it."

"It is easier than you think to get to a destination you would like to be. There are plenty of resources available to help you get there and it is more affordable than you think."

What lessons did you learn?

"When I first arrived in Graz, I struggled to get around the city with 3 heavy bags of luggage on me. I first arrived by train from Vienna, about a 2.5 hr ride, and was very anxious when I stepped off the train. I knew very little German at the time, so it was quite hard to read the street map I had. I tried to order an Uber (a rookie American go-to move) and it was not available in Graz. It was in Vienna which is why I figured it was worth a shot. Once I realized this, I went to the train station information desk and used my kindergarten German and exquisite pointing skills to try and explain to the officer how to get 20 blocks from the train station. It took about 15 minutes for us to come to a mutual understanding of where I needed to be. Be circled where I needed to be and said "12 stops, bus 84." So I then hopped on the first bus that had 84 on it to see where it went. Of course, it went to the opposite direction, but after reading the route map, I figured it out. 2 hours on the bus later, I reached my stop! Always have knowledge of the transportation in the country you visit!"

 Did studying abroad change the course of your academic career?

"Studying in Austria has somewhat shifted my focus in terms of a career path. Actually, being in the country helped me increase my interest in international markets as a business student. The Euro currency and its affect on the world is fascinating!"