Tuition and Fees

All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice.

Please consider your planned length of stay, tuition and fees, living and personal expenses, and health insurance when calculating the approximate total funds you will require while you attend ELI. If you are bringing dependants with you, please consider expenses per dependant. You are expected to pay for tuition and fees by the University of Montana deadline, set each semester.

Estimated Expenses

Single Semester Cost of Attendance:



Mandatory Fees


Room & Board




* Total is based on average cost of attendance and is subject to change


Tuition and fees are explained in further detail in the ELI Student Handbook. We recommend budgeting an additional $100.00 per week for a spouse and $40.00 per week per child. Child-care costs such as babysitting and/or daycare are additional costs. Health insurance (see below) is required for all students attending the University of Montana. 

For further details regarding tuition and fees, please see the ELI Tuition and Fees 2017-2018 document

Tuition payments and refund policy

Tuition and fees are invoiced the first week of the semester. Payment is due in full by the payment deadline set by the University of Montana. Late fees will be assesed to overdue accounts and students will not be allowed to attend ELI classes if they have not paid by the deadline. 

Tuition and Fees can be paid by:

No refunds are given for tuition payments after the 3rd week of the semester. Tuition reductions are not given for late arrivals or early departures, which are not permitted at ELI. 

Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements and are encouraged to apply for housing early! 

Third Party Payments

An official, signed copy of a letter of Financial Guarantee or Letter of Payment is required of all students who are on scholarships or will be sponsored by a third party organization. The letter should include the students name, ID number, scholarship amount, period of validity, and sponsor billing details. Financial Guarantees or Letters of Payment should be received by the university no later than the first week of classes. Financial Guarantees and Letters of Payment from sponsors should be sent to:

Business Services

Third Party Payments
EL 267
32 Campus Dr. MS 2304
Missoula, MT 59812 U.S.A.
Fax: 406-243-4867

You as a student are ultimately responsible for payment. If payment has not been received by the third week of classes, you will not be allowed to attend classes until payment is received. You can pay out of pocket or set up a deferred payment plan and pay in four installments if a Financial Guarantee or Financial Letter has not been received by the University of Montana by the first week of classes. 

Questions concerning the billing of a sponsor should be directed to Derek Hubbard in Business Services. 

Health Insurance Requirement

As a non-immigrant visa holder (F visa, J visa, etc.), you are required to have and maintain medical insurance while residing in the United States. You can bring insurance coverage from your home country or you can buy University of Montana student health insurance

Students will automatically be charged for the UM student health insurance every semester. In order to cancel the charge and refuse the UM student insurance, students are required to provide written proof of insurance coverage (in English) to the Student Insurance Office located in room 172 of the Curry Health Center by the 15th instructional class day.

Written Proof Must be Submitted Every Semester

If you refuse coverage and fail to provide proof of insurance by the 15th instructional class day of the semester, your refusal will become void and you will be charged for UM student insurance.