ELI Program

At ELI, you will receive the time and attention you deserve.


Program Features

  • 18-20 hours per week of instructional classes
  • Small classes to ensure individualized attention
  • 4 levels of instruction from intermediate to advanced
  • Student-centered and interactive instruction
  • Five start dates throughout the year 
  • Two sessions per semester so students can move through the levels more quickly
  • Many  opportunities for students to improve their English outside of the classroom
  • Receive a recommendation to the university by successfully completing Level 6. YOU DON’T NEED A TOEFL OR IELTS SCORE.
  • Easy to build strong relationships with your instructors and learn in a safe and fun environment!

Term Calendar

You can find detailed session dates on the academic calendar ELI program course calendar closely follows University of Montana academic calendar, with two semesters in one academic year. ELI semesters are broken into Session I and Session II, each approximately 8 weeks long during the fall and spring semesters and 5 weeks long during the summer semester.

Term Calendar for Fall Semester


Start Date

End Date

Fall Session 1

August 26

October 16

Fall Session 2

October 17

December 11

Placement and Levels

There are four levels of instruction ranging from intermediate to advanced level (Levels 3-6).  Beginning level classes (Levels 1-2) will be offered if there is adequate student enrollment. You will be placed into a level of instruction based on your performance on the ELI placement exam. All new students take an entrance exam during Orientation. Here is a summary of ELI levels:

ELI Level


CEFR Level

Level 3



Level 4

High Intermediate


Level 5



Level 6



Advancement to Higher Levels

  • Two sessions per semester allow students to move up more quickly.
  • Move up to the next level at the midterm:
    • Demonstrate proficiency of at least 83% of the Student Learning Outcomes (SLCs) at the end of the midterm session.
  • Move up to the next level at the end of the semester:
    • Demonstrate proficiency of at least 80% of the Student Learning Outcomes (SLCs) at the end of semester (second session).

When you reach Levels 5 and 6, you will have the opportunity to apply for the Undergraduate Pathways Program.

For more information, please see the Academic Information section of the ELI Student Handbook.

Core Classes

ELI’s has two core classes, which include learning and practicing reading, writing, vocabulary, speaking, listening, and note taking. Grammar skills are integrated into both core classes.

  • Core Classes
    • Integrated Reading, Writing & Vocabulary
    • Integrated Speaking, Listening & Note-Taking
  • Schedule
    • Monday through Friday
    • Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.


Two hours per week are dedicated to optional elective courses offered each session. Possible electives include:

  • TOEFL and IELTS Preparation (taught every fall and spring semester)
  • Pronunciation Workshop
  • Grammar Workshop
  • Study Skills


  • Two institutional paper-based TOEFL tests offered each semester (one each session)
  • Scores can be used to receive an ELI recommendation to UM.
  • One test is provided to ELI students free of charge; if you want to take both tests, you will need to pay $50 for the second test.
  • Open to non-ELI students for $50 per test

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