Homestay Program

ELI Homestay Program

ELI sponsors the Homestay Program as a cultural experience for our students.  Living with a homestay host allows students a chance to learn about American culture by participating in daily life.  The Homestay Program works well for students who want to interact as a family member, often sharing meals and activities.  

Homestay hosts come from various ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic levels, religions, and lifestyles.  Homestay hosts include singles and couples, young and old, with or without children.  Homestay hosts live in apartments and houses both in the heart of Missoula and on the edges of the city.  Hosts are chosen for the interest in intercultural exchange.

Homestay hosts fully commit to providing a positive and beneficial experience for the visiting student, in addition to room and board.  Our mandate is to provide a clean, safe, functional, and comfortable home environment within which students feel confident and encouraged to use her/his growing English skills.

Interested in hosting a student? 

Contact Sara Schroeder, ELI Director

 (406) 552-5683