2021 Fall International Graduates

Congratulations Fall 2021 International Graduates!


32aef96f3d68dc1e2d61c860d71baef785eb46c0.jpeg  Miyuki Hayashi

Favorite UM Memory: I did my undergraduate and graduate at UM, which tells you how much I like Missoula! The city, the campus, the surrounding area... everything is beautiful, and there are a lot of cultural activities in downtown, which I personally appreciated. I especially liked floating down the river and visiting breweries with my friends.

Plans After Graduation: After graduation, I will be working as a postdoctoral research fellow in Philadelphia, PA. I will be investigating the disease pathology of neurodegenerative disorders, such as ALS and dementia. I am very excited to move on to the next stage in my career as a scientist!

christina-maria-salzmann.jpeg Christina Maria Salzmann

Favorite UM Memory: My favorite memory of UM is the welcoming, supportive and encouraging community of peers and professors.

Plans After Graduation: After graduation, I will move to Bigfork Montana to use my gained skillset and knowledge in a GIS part-time job and will be interning at the Flathead Avalanche Center in February 2022. After gaining valuable work experience, I plan on obtaining a Graduate Degree in Glaciology and GIS.

yulianus-kogoya.jpeg Yulianus Kogoya

Favorite UM Memory: My favorite memory that I have made at UM is leadership and internship. I was a co-founder of the Southeast Asian Student Association and the former president of it. It was a great experience because the primary mission of the program is to unify students from different languages, cultures, countries, and create greater international awareness about Southeast Asia. During my leadership experience, I have learned a bit about how to organize the group members, also I learned how to be a contributor to some important events like International Festival. Also, another leadership experience that I am experiencing is becoming a Student Advisory Council at the Manfield Center, the University of Montana for 2021 and 2022.Last but not least, my favorite experience I have made during my academic years at the UM is an internship. I was interning twice with the ASUM Office of Transportation. This is a great experience because Transportation and urban planning are part of my research interest.

Plans After Graduation: After graduating and earning a degree in Bachelor of Art, I will look forward to doing the Optional Practical Training (OPT) before continuing my graduate program at the UM for the Fall semester of 2022.

dina-merani.jpeg Dina Merani

Favorite UM Memory: UM has it all and steals my Heart. Yes! I've made good memories here at UM since the first day I arrived here. I have been through all ups and downs here at University of Montana and I won't forget. My favorite memory is about studying in a classroom as an international student and meeting new people from all over the world. I have never imagined I can be a student here at UM before and be in the classroom with people who have different backgrounds. My first time as a University student in a big lecture was just mixed feelings. I was so excited, scared and confused. I felt excited to see the lecture, classmates who are with different personalities, assignments that we need to do and scared about how to answer questions when the professor asks, but I made it.YAY!I am so grateful that I can experience being a University student in the U.S.A through the University of Montana. Being here on a beautiful campus and trying different activities, rafting, HIking and Skiing which they are new things to me that I have tried before until I came here to Montana. All these activities are not just for fun but it also gives lessons for myslef. I remember the first day I got here was when I Hiked "M'' Trail during summer 2016 which the first week I was here, I really didn't know how it would be on the way to hike the mountain and I have never been hiking in my hometown before and that was my first time. By that time I wasn't prepared to get there, but just excited to be there and see what's on the top of the mountain. I hiked and I didn’t bring any water to hike, I was just excited to see the beautiful "M" and thought it was easy. On my way up there, I was not feeling well and dehydrated, I was almost gave up don't want to continue the path to the top, but I got friends there who support me to keep goings and they believe that I can reach it and there was a nice girl who willing to share her water with me. I took a little break and I decided to continue and I made it to the top and I can feel the happiness that comes from my heart and my friends. They were also happy to see me finally on the top.My story about hiking “M” trail just shows how hard my school life here is but I know I can do it and I want to be at the top and to get there I need to work hard, I need friends, family and even stagers who also support me to reach the top of the mountain. I couldn't do anything without the support from people here. Also all the good memories with my ELI friends and my UM Pacific Islanders Club who are always there as family here at UM, they support me in this study and I am so lucky to have them here at UM. They make my 5 years here memorable. I have learned new things and I know what to do next and I have prepared before going to the top of the mountain of life. To be successful, we need support from our people and confidence from ourselves to get there. Hike the mountain to the top, never give up, so you can see how beautiful it is today even though it is hard. I am so proud of myself for not giving up and keeping studying even though I have many challenges here when I almost gave up. I want to say thank you so much for my God bringing me this far, my sponsor, Papuan Government who willing to sponsor me to give me chance to take this opportunity, my mom and family back home who are believing in me and always pray for me and last but not least, Thank you so much ELI Teachers, Bodhi, Mona, Caroline, UM Pacific Islanders Club (My Griz Ohana) thank you for all your support and I finally can get one Degree from UM today.

Plans After Graduation: I have learned a lot through my major in Park and Tourism Management in most of my classes and I have seen a really good program in Park and Tourism in Montana. After finishing school at UM, I want to bring all this knowledge that I got and share with my people and I want to work in Tourism industry. Before go back to my hometown and my program done, I will take another semester here at UM and I plan to take two or three classes to get certificate in Hotel Management from Missoula College.